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Use Any Exercise Program to Help Stop Snoring That Addresses the Root Cause of Your Snoring

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Sleep Snoring

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Before picking an exercise program to help stop snoring you must realize what the root cause of your snoring problem is. In a vast majority of cases, snoring occurs whenever the nasal passages are blocked and also because your jaw is too tensed up and also because of collapsed muscles. Overweight people too tend to snore more than those whose weight is normal. Though you should not expect miracles after performing an exercise program to help stop snoring you can still reasonably hope that the results will be positive and that you will in fact succeed in not snoring anymore.

Moving Your Molars

The first exercise program to help stop snoring is the one that requires moving your upper and lower molars simultaneously and very gently. This means opening the mouth an also pressing the molars as far apart as is possible without in the process doing any stretching. This exercise program to help stop snoring when performed for between three and five minutes will bring your molars together and will lower your jaw. When you are halfway through with this exercise program to help stop snoring you will also immediately notice that the rear part of your mouth will begin to open up and this is what will help cure your snoring problem

Another exercise program to help stop snoring is learning to stretch the tongue as far as is possible. Of course, you must ensure never to over-do this exercise program to help stop snoring though it does mean that you have to start by keeping your tongue straight; move it completely to the right side of the mouth and then to the opposite side and you should also attempt to touch your nose with your tongue and also the chin. However, do not expect to actually touch either the chin or nose. Ten to twenty reps of this exercise program to help stop snoring should help you stop snoring.

You can also do the exercise program to help stop snoring called the LION or a yoga posture that helps you to exercise your entire face and which helps to stop you from snoring. Even saying the word “CHEESE” can prove to be an effective exercise program to help stop snoring.

There are a few other ways that can be used to learn a stop snoring exercises and these are not hard to do either. Simple exercises such as taking a sip from a straw and pressing your lips very hard together can provide you with a solution to your snoring problem and is well worth trying out.

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