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Pillows to Stop Loud Snoring – the Other Half’s Opinion!

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Sleep Snoring

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Plotting And Planning A Perfect Sleep

Well, well, well. Finally a topic that the other half can debate on what would finally be the cure for that insistent noise grinding next to them while they are trying to get a few winks in before the next day of life or work begins. Finding those magical pillows to stop loud snoring are already on the bed, either dressed up for the ultimate boudoir crime scene, or just some of those plain old cotton covered ones would do, the plotting and planning saga continues. Maybe a mixture of the pillows would be the best cure as pillows to stop loud snoring. The choice is yours now to find out what pillow will stop snoring. Silky? Cotton? Hypo-allergenic? Goose down? Cushy? The oldest pillow on the bed could just do the “job” you think, but no you just had to go to the orthopedic shop to buy a really expensive ugly looking special anti snoring pillow to keep your sanity.

Tried And Tested By Whom?

The idea of perfect pillows to stop loud snoring has not been tried and tested by the person who has manufactured them; they get tried and tested actually at home, by trying your patience and sanity that is already running and spread thinly, and testing them on the unsuspecting probable victim if it does not work.

Being overweight can also contribute to snoring, more fatty tissue in the mouth and throat, but even those pillows to stop loud snoring may work for these cases, keeping the head slightly tilted upward allowing freer airflow from the mouth into the lungs. These special pillows to stop loud snoring are also designed to make it uncomfortable to lie on your back with them, as this is when the loudest of snoring happens. Your chin is low as if tucking it into your chest, thereby restricting airflow once again.

Separate Rooms

Since sleeping in separate bedrooms could be seen as only for the elderly, couples do happen to either send the snorer to the other room or to the couch, just so that they can get a peaceful night sleep. By having the firm pillows to stop loud snoring or any snoring for that matter, is due to the fact that the airways are forced to stay open, allowing no or less blockages while breathing. They have forgotten that even though the pretty, soft cushy pillows on their beds may just be the reason for their other half snoring insistently, that they should actually have very firm pillows too.

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