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Different Ways to Stop Snoring at Night

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Sleep Snoring

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Resonant noise caused by the respiratory tract during sleep is known as snoring. There is a vibration in the airway that connects mouth and nose. The intensity of vibration depends on size of the airways, and narrower air passage causes louder snores. As men’s necks are larger than women’s, there are more fleshy tissues there that combine with air flow to cause snoring. Some of the other causes of snoring include allergies, allergy medications, thickened tissues in nasal passage, cold and flu, Goiter, enlarged adenoids, overuse of nasal sprays, Obesity, ineffective regulation, large tongue, alcohol, smoking, excess gut or belly and normal aging process.

How to Stop Snoring At Night

The best way to stop snoring at night is to adopt a healthy and fit way of life. You need to stop smoking and minimize the alcohol consumption. You also need to exercise regularly and eat healthy food. Another tip to stop snoring at night is to stop taking sleeping pills, as they can trigger snoring. You can get a good night sleep by focusing on good memories and thoughts as they promote the feeling of serenity and calmness.

Try inhaling steam before going to bed to stop snoring at night. Blocked airways are the most common cause of snoring, and inhaling steam clears the airways, making breathing much easier. Anti-snoring pillows can also help you stop snoring at night. These pillows are thinner in the middle, and the user’s head remains aligned with the spinal column. The pillow also keeps the jaw forward, keeping the airway open.

In US Patent Trade Office, there are more than 300 remedies registered to stop snoring at night. Some of them are anti-snoring exercises, hypnosis, plastic ring with magnets that can be attached to nose, a biofeedback sleep aid device that needs to be worn on the wrist, and so on.

Some of the techniques that are most commonly prescribed to stop snoring at night include losing weight, avoiding alcohol and smoke, raising head while sleeping, maintaining good flow of fresh air in the bedroom, eliminating nasal obstructions with treatments, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Surgery is the last resort to stop snoring at night, and must be considered only if other non-surgical alternative have failed to yield results. Before considering palatal surgery, make sure that the snoring is not originating from the base of the tongue.

If you browse through various Internet sites, you can find enough information on how to stop snoring naturally. There are some home-remedies such as eating yogurt daily, eating a slice of bread before sleeping, and drinking eucalyptus tea that can be helpful.

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