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Low Cost Psychic Readings - How You Can Tell If a Free Psychic is a Fake

by Danny Fredricks

posted in Self Improvement : Spirituality

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Who else is considering getting a free, or super inexpensive psychic reading? If you are anything like I was when I first got started exploring psychic phenomena, the simple truth is that you are probably using PRICE as the primary way to pick your readings, right? It's true... and especially when economic times get tough, the cheaper the ad or offer, the more POPULAR a psychic (or network) can become.

But did you know that many of the super inexpensive psychic offers out there are not even real? You should... because no matter how good the price, if the "psychic" on the other end of the phone is NOT authentic, you are getting a raw deal even if you're barely paying a thing!

So how can you tell if a free psychic is a FRAUD? Well, I DO hate to make broad and sweeping generalizations or stereotypes, but after almost 20 years of researching psychic phenomena and getting my OWN regular readings, I have the following rules to be true... JUST about every time.

Avoid Absolutely Free Readings. (they're NEVER good... and rarely end up being free!) Avoid "you're ON the clock" Free Readings: You know... you get 3 or 4 minutes free... and THEN they start to charge you out the you know what! (always has been a shady deal in my opinion) Never (as in EVER) call a "psychic" you "meet" on a forum or bulletin board: Why? Because many not-so-nice people loiter in these sort of places, and take advantage of vulnerable folks who are looking for some psychic guidance or advice Avoid ANY psychic offer that looks unusual: Anything that advertises curse removal, candle lighting, 100% accurate answers, spells or other silly stuff is typically NOT the kind of thing a mainstream psychic service (or individual intuitive) will offer. Note: Many psychics DO believe in these things, and I'm not discounting whether they are in fact possible... it's just a fact that there is a MUCH greater percentage of fraud, trickery and out and out con artists in these particular "niches" of the psychic market, so I recommend you avoid these offers unless you get a ROCK solid recommendation that someone is in fact the real deal.

And of course, there is more..:-)

But the above are the warning signs for ME, and I'd recommend you use the same basic ideology when you make your psychic selections.

The key takeaways?

Stick with reputable networks that have been around for a while. Choose psychic services that offer GREAT guarantees and customer service Try to pick psychics with GOOD reviews, ratings and testimonials! Go with your gut! If your instincts tell you it's a good deal... give it a go Don't "invest" over your head. Create, and stick to a budget... and "test" a reader before you spend more than 30 or 40 dollars. (you can always come back once you know they are the real deal.. and this is my rule of thumb for sure!) About the Author:

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