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Opportunities And Market Trends In The Development Of Printers And Supplies

by yaya

posted in Business : Strategic Planning

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Printers and supplies the world market trend analysis

Printer in the world is entering the era of universal, desktop inkjet machine installed capacity from 223 million units in 2000 to 3.19 million units in 2003, the annual compound growth rate (CAGR) was 12%, laser machine from 2000, about 62 million units in 2003 to almost 80 million units holdings, the annual compound growth rate of 9%. The world has 270 million users, a strong stimulus to the global supplies industry.

Analysis according to industry personnel, from Sell Places to see in 2008 sold about 28.7 billion U.S. dollars global laser toner drum components, including the new 0EM Cartridge, compatible and remanufactured drum cartridge drum cartridge components; In 2008, the new 0EM cartridges , compatible cartridges and remanufactured cartridges total sales of 30.4 billion U.S. dollars.

Global Environmental protection Type (ie, remanufactured) inkjet cartridges and laser toner drum component of the Revenue growth faster than 0EM 2003, about 70 million U.S. dollars to 11 billion yuan in 2007, the annual compound growth rate of 12% (CAGR), Original 0EM growth of 4% growth of environmentally friendly products, unheard of in any industry. To monochrome laser drum cartridge remanufactured components accounted for 30% of global sales are expected to be 36% in 2007. General trends in world supplies, consumables industry in China will affect the trend.

China's printer and supplies market trend analysis

As multinational product structural adjustment, the printer manufacturers have transferred to China, the Chinese printers to become producing country, exporting country, the world's 6 sets each have a laser machine manufacturer in China, each machine has 3 sets of stylus 2 sets made in China, the world's inkjet machine every 7 had 2 sets manufactured in China, nearly two years of the Chinese market, 95% of the ribbon, 90% of the wide-format inkjet media and ink have been achieved with localization, inkjet cartridges and recycled supplies current common market share of about 20%. Laser Cartridge component, in 2003 China produced 17 million sets in general and re-manufacturing accounted for about 600 million, most of the exports, the Chinese market, only 10% of the market share of generic Laser supplies in the country.

Per 1,000 people in China have a Duplicator An average of 3.58 units per 1,000 people per 1,000 laser machine has a 6.9 inkjet machine and abroad there is still a future outlook. Global Universal Laser consumables and remanufacturing supplies about 30%, China is only about 10%, there is a large gap between us to occupy.

General supplies of China's development policy environment and legal environment is being improved

1, Ministry of the four "benefit" as the development of consumable industrial policy, that is: good for environmental protection and pollution prevention of new printers play, not to sacrifice the environment for information technology achievements; is conducive to reducing the user cost , to reverse the current "affordable horse, Pei Buqi saddle" situation; favor of domestic enterprises, to buy the lamp a certain age to buy foreign oil, we must end our generation hands off; conducive to the protection of intellectual property, design product to avoid patent, to "bore a striking resemblance shape is not."

2, the EU directive, declared to all violations of the principle of circular economy initiative declared illegal, on the development of environmentally friendly supplies in China have far-reaching impact.

3,1983, the State Council convened the Second National Environmental Conference announced that the environmental protection as a basic national policy of China. Vice Premier Zeng 2003, the environment, the meeting made clear that China must vigorously develop the "recycling economy" and "green industry."

4,1995 State on January 31 announced Presidential Decree No. 98, "the People's Republic of China Solid Waste Pollution Prevention and Control Act" to determine the implementation of the waste "reduction, sound, resource" principle.

5, "during the" China's implementation of "pollutant emission control" and "Century Green Plan."

6,2003 effect on July 1 to implement the reduction of toxic and hazardous substances production measures.

7,2006 effect on January 1st to market within the national key regulatory directory Electronic Information products can not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl polymer (PBB) or polybrominated diphenyl ether polymer (PBDE) and so on.

8,2003 by the end of the relevant ministries and countersigned by the Ministry of Information Industry in conjunction with "Management of Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Measures"; sure that all computer products such as access to key regulatory catalog, select non-toxic, harmless or low toxicity, low harm, easily degraded and facilitate recycling of materials, waste producers should bear their products after the recovery, treatment, reuse of related responsibilities.

9, the State introduced a series of national standards to ensure environmental protection, such as: GB18597-2001 "pollution control standards for hazardous waste storage" GB18598-2001 "Hazardous Waste Landfill Pollution Control Standard" GB18484-2001 "Hazardous Waste Incineration Pollution Control Standard" GB16487 "environmental protection control standard for imported scrap," 10, the State Environmental Protection Administration to develop "renewable resource recycling and use of" 15 "development plan."

11, the NPC study "comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development" concept of scientific development, to environmental protection and waste recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources as the key to saving towards society.

12, the State Environmental Protection Administration, April 18, 2004 held in Qingdao, "Extended Producer Responsibility nationwide industry standards and Electronic Waste Recycling and Utilization Technology Policy Seminar."

13, the State Council issued "on carrying out resource conservation activities," the notice, stressing circular economy and utilization of renewable resources and comprehensive recovery.

China General supplies industry confusion and problems

China to promote green printing, face three stumbling block. First: the misunderstanding of some people not yet out of the recycling compared with the old roof was new to recycling was fake and inferior products compared to recycling compared with the infringement of intellectual property. Second: not yet established national standards for recycling and industry standards. International Organization for Standardization IS0/IECJTCI/SC28 upcoming re-use of office equipment, including parts of the quality and performance requirements of "international standards. Germany launched DIN33870 renewable component of national standards of laser drum box recycling inkjet cartridges Germany launched the national standard DIN33871. China is no recycling of product standards. Third: Ministry of Information Industry will soon introduce "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Regulations", the state has not yet issued a mandatory recycling regulations printer supplies, resulting in production of environmentally friendly supplies, "nowhere" market "no laws", there is with international standards and even the recycling of resources into the industry to combat counterfeiting About the Author:

I am China Manufacturers writer, reports some information about compaq armada 1700 , thinkpad a20.

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