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Treatment for Excessive Sweating

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Sweating

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Although every individual sweats as a natural part of life in hot environments or when doing strenuous activities, excessive sweating can be an embarrassing issue that can affect a person's every day activities. There are three common areas that people with hyperhydrosis tend to sweat excessively: the hands, the feet, and excessive sweating in the armpits. Each of these areas has its own set of issues that can cause embarrassment. Sweating in the armpits can cause clothing to become stained and have a sour smell, regardless of the amount of deodorant that is put on the area, in addition to having embarrassing rings in the armpit area. Sweating in the foot area can cause individuals to be embarrassed to have their shoes off since their feet will make sweat prints on the floor, and will also often cause bad foot odor. Sweating on the hands is an issue since it affects the comfort level when shaking hands with another person, as well as the ability to hold onto things when the sweating is occurring.


One solution for those who have excessive sweating is to use antiperspirants on these areas. There are antiperspirants that are especially effective on many people who have excessive sweating, those that have aluminum chloride in them. These help to slow the sweating in the areas where they are used, and also help with the smell that can occur in the armpit area and the feet. If the over the counter antiperspirants are not effective, there are also prescription strength antiperspirants that can be given by the doctor. These usually contain aluminum chloride hexahydrate, which is often even more effective at controlling the excessive sweating.

If these antiperspirants do not work, then there is a device called an iotophoresis, which helps by passing electricity through the skin using tap water to do so. This method is used about three times per week for about fifteen minutes at a time to help with the excessive sweating problem. There are also some types of oral medications that are used to help, such as glycopyrrolate, which is an anticholinergic medication. The problem with using this type of medication for some people with excessive sweating is that it can cause some side effects such as blurred vision. There is also a newer treatment that is on the market and is commonly considered a beauty product, Botox. This is a muscle poison that is used in the armpits through injections and has been found to reduce excessive sweating in patients for up to six months at a time.

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