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Apocrine Sweat Gland: It’s What Makes Your Armpits Stink

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Sweating

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The Apocrine sweat gland is almost always only found in the anal region, under the armpits as well as is located around the genitals. The one disturbing feature to the Apocrine sweat gland is its ability to produce the most obnoxious smelling perspiration. In fact, it is common to find that the pores that surround the Apocrine sweat gland are also nearly always found close to hair follicles and the sweat that is expelled from the Apocrine sweat gland is then absorbed by the hair which in turn gives rise to the obnoxious odor.

Making You Sweat

It is the Apocrine sweat glands that make a person sweat which in turn will most likely leave some ugly stains on your clothes. These glands are also not all that big in size though they become active from the time of a baby’s birth at which time the sweat produced is rather cleaner than is the case when a person grows older. This clean sweat in fact also does not contain any proteins or fatty acids which makes these glands different than other sweat glands, most notably the Eccrine sweat glands.

When sweat is produced by the Eccrine sweat glands it is watery and also quite salty whereas the sweat produced by the Apocrine sweat glands is more fatty and there is of course the telltale odor, and because these glands are found in the armpits and genital areas, you will notice a stink in those parts whereas the sweat produced on the hands and legs that are made by the Eccrine sweat glands will not give off any odor.

However, sweat does not in it contain any odors and it is actually the disintegration of bacteria that really helps in producing the odor. Furthermore, it is Apocrine sweat gland produced sweat that will stink and people that sweat in the armpits as well as the genital areas will need to do something to reduce the sweat and prevent it from accumulating on their skins so that they can then minimize bacteria and thereby prevent the odor from upsetting the senses.

Inactive sweat glands are generally caused by the genes that a person inherits from their parents. Otherwise, sweat glands will also remain inactive during the night when a person is sleeping though in certain instances some people that suffer from excessive night sweating will find that their sweat glands, because of certain malfunctions, will produce excessive amount of sweat even when they are sleeping at night.

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