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How to Stop Sweaty Hands Now

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Sweating

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Are you one of the millions of people out there who suffer from a sweaty hands or feet condition? If so, you need to be aware that although there is no way to completely cure sweaty hands, there are lots of different and effective treatments that are available to stop sweaty hands and which you can take advantage of.

The First Step

Before you can go ahead and with any treatment to stop sweaty hands and expect it to work to the best of its ability, you need to take the first step, and that is to talk to your doctor. They will examine you and make a proper diagnosis. If you are suffering from sweaty hands, or palmar hyperhidrosis, they will tell you more about the condition and what it involves.

After that they will be able to begin working with you to find an effective treatment that is going to help stop sweaty hands now, and allow you to live a comfortable life without exclusion and embarrassment.

First you can try an over the counter medication which is often effective for milder conditions of sweaty hands and feet. These may be suggested by your doctor but because they are available over the counter, you are more than able to get them for yourself at almost any drugstore or pharmacy. This is also preferred by patients because then they can purchase the products without having to worry that someone is going to know they have a problem.

There is also the option of surgery to stop sweaty hands, but this is only considered as being a last resort, after all other methods of treatment have been tried and failed. The surgery to stop sweaty hands will involve evaluation by a dermatologist who may prescribe lotions and other treatments first.

If surgery goes through, the surgeon will make two very small incisions under both armpits, and will work with the sympathetic nerve in the body which is responsible for regulating the sweat glands in the body. They can use one of several surgical techniques to locate, clamp and remove the sympathetic ganglion, and the removal itself is known as sympathectomy.

Almost as soon as the surgery is over the patient will notice a difference, and see that their hands are no longer sweating out of control as they are used to. Then they can begin to work towards getting their life back and feeling normal once again.

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