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How to Control Menopause Sweating

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Sweating

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Women are more susceptible to excessive sweating as compared to men because of hormonal changes, menopause among other factors. Many women develop excessive sweating just before or after they hit menopause and many scientists and doctors do not know why this happens. Many women experience signs of menopause from the age of about 50 and it is at this stage that about 50% of them also start experiencing severe cases of excessive sweating. If medication is not taken, women will experience the problem of excessive sweating through many years of their menopause making it a very miserable stage in their life. Excessive sweating does not have to develop in all women who turn fifty and it also differs in terms of severity among the women who are affected. Women who get excessive sweating when they are younger take it much better than women who are in their 50’s because they experience very many other changes that come with menopause and therefore any slight change in lifestyle is difficult to adjust to.

Excessive sweating during menopause normally happens at night and this makes sleeping very difficult for many women. Treating the root problem solves more problems when it comes to menopause sweating and this is easily done if one knows why they are sweating. Lack of sleep translates into fatigue, which then translates into grumpiness as well as mood swings and creates a chain reaction of many feelings and reactions. This particular reason is responsible for many women experiencing mood swings when they hit menopause. It is therefore very important to ensure that proper treatment is sought to ensure a smooth and comfortable menopause. Hot flushes are also common among women who have excessive sweating and they find it very difficult to sleep. Once they do fall asleep, they have trouble going back to sleep because they have to get out of bed several times to either use the bathroom or drink some water.

Some treatments for menopause sweating include natural options such as taking deep breathes in an effort to reduce the temperature of the body and also help the body to relax. Other options include consuming foods rich in soy products and other readily available herbs that are known to considerably reduce menopause sweating. They include yams and clovers and they are said to control both the sweating along with many other symptoms that come along with menopause. Reducing the effects of menopause also reduces the amount of sweating and one can do this by using some prescription drugs. guarantees the best prices for any type of property. From apartments, boats and castles to treehouses, villas and yurts, the type of accommodation listed on today is more diverse than ever. Truly international, is available in more than 40 languages, and offers ov
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