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30 Accomplishments on the Brighter Side of Being 30

by Saurav K. Mishra

posted in Travel and Leisure

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Here is a list of 30 things to do before 30 and enjoy this life!
· Perhaps the most important thing to do before you turn 30 is to save up. Yes, life will present you with many situations and events and you better have saved up for such days.
· The prospect of traveling around the country is fun, especially when you have the time to do it. Forget flights, hop from train to bus and cut across the country while soaking in the diverse culture and tasting the food dished out at every nook and corner of the country.
· Participate in a talent hunt competition. Well, if you have it in you, this could be the starting point of your career; if you don't; just have fun and give it a go. You'd rather look stupid now than when you're 30.
· Try visiting the most haunted place in your city or if you can, your country. There is no need to wait for Halloween. Put on your brave face and get to the spookiest place you can find close by.
· Get rid of your fears - be it vertigo, fear of water, creeps or whatever. Suppose you come face to face with your fear when you are over 30, what do you do? Bette than getting yourself embarrassed then, learn to deal with it now.
· Be kind whenever you can. It will teach you much and this habit if inculcated now, will last a lifetime. This was too good to let go and thus we inculcated it in our list of 30 things to do before 30.
· Learn to play an instrument. Let me tell you why. There will come times in life when all that you want to do is be by yourself. Learning to play the guitar is great and will be great company during such moments of voluntary solitude.
· If you have the money, make a trip to the land of the Aussies. The Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera, great casinos and hotels, what more do you want? This is the country to visit.
· If you live in India, you must travel to the city of Kolkata during the Durga Puja celebrations. It is pure madness and the city goes into a frenzy. You will want to do this before 30 as it does require a lot of patience, crowd jostling and energy.
· Volunteer your services for a NGO for a month. You may not get any monetary benefit as a result of this but you will surely be blessed by this experience. Take it from us; you will come out a better and stronger person.
· Go on a trend setting streak. Yep, don't follow any fashion trend; instead make your own while you are still 20. You will either get praise or verbal brick bats.
· How much of a dare devil are you? How about testing your spirits by going for a round of Bunjee jumping? The Burj Khalifa in Dubai provides one with the opportunity as such. Let's try this before you turn 30.
· Well, it may sound boring, but pick up that classic by Jane Austen and read it. Not only will it help you improve your vocabulary but also help you think clearly and give you a common topic to converse about with others who love literature. What if your future partner is one who is into reading? Won't this help then? It surely will.
· Learn to cook. Go beyond instant noodles and fried eggs. Once you turn 30 you will want to cook for yourself so it's best to learn the tricks of this trade soon before you are at that age.
· Make a list of all that you've ever wanted to do as a child and try doing them now, as in, before you turn 30.
· Learn a new language. Well, it doesn't have to be a language always needs to spoken. How about sign language to help you communicate with the hearing impaired? That would be such an enriching experience.
· Get into a relationship before you are 30. It is not good to wait so long for something as good a feeling as this. While some may say be cautious and wait, I say, jump in headlong and enjoy. Yes, be ready for a couple of heart breaks, but trust me, this is all a part of life and growing up!
· If you are good at a certain subject, have you ever thought of helping out underprivileged children with their tuitions? I recently read about this in a magazine where a lady spends time teaching the less fortunate children in her area. You can start up something similar. This is great thing to do and we laud it on our list of 30 things to do before 30.
· Buy those heels you have had your eyes on for quite some time. Yes, you deserve the splurge.
· Give up on certain habits that you know are bad. If you do so while you are still in the 20's chances are that you will succeed far more than when you try this after your become 30.
· Start your own blog and write about anything and everything. Share your experiences here so that others may be either inspired or warned. You will also feel good knowing that you are connecting with the masses in a way.
· Plan a surprise college mates reunion party. How about a themed costume party? Yes, you will enjoy the planning and your mates will be ever grateful.
· Gate crash a wedding and gorge on the food. If you get caught, so what you're a teen with a huge appetite!
· If you stay in another state due to studies or for work, make it a point to call your family once a week. Tell them how special they are to you. This is a beautiful habit that you will carry on for life.
· A college goer? Do some crazy shit at a frat party and wake up the next morning to regret it. You will have a story to brag about for life.
· How about a couple of tattoos? Yes, you heard right, tattoos. And please, don't get your fiancé's name inked!
· Live and eat healthy so that it helps you when you turn 30.
· Go for a movie marathon all day long at some multiplex or theatre. You will never have the time to do this once you're 30.
· Dress up like your favourite cartoon character, take a selfie and pot it online on FB and Instagram.
· Stand up for a good cause and fight for your rights. Do it now or else you will be a puppet for life.
About the Author: Saurav K Mishra has written this article that invites one to fulfill their dreams of doing certain things and go to places they've always wanted to visit before one turns 30.
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