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Motorized Wheelchair

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Wheelchairs

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In modern days, the rights of disabled individuals have risen greatly, and there have been new technology improvements to make their lives better, for example, the motorized wheelchair.

Motorized wheelchairs are preferred for those who have a great need of mobility from place to place. They are ideal for users who have weak upper body strength or who cannot use a manual wheelchair. They are also available with spring suspension, which turns an uneven territory into a smooth ride. Motorized wheelchairs are controlled by a programmable joystick, which accommodates functions for seating and postural support.

Because of their many technological improvements, motorized wheelchairs are now more suitable to handle both indoor and outdoor activities. They also offer more seating positions than before. They can even provide small, more precise movements if the disabled person needs them. Two features you should look for in a motorized wheelchair are power tilt and reclining which help in relieving and preventing pressure pain for the disabled person.

Some wheelchairs can be tailor-made in order to meet specific user requirements with respect to height, width, weight, and other specific measurements. They can also have some useful built in features like: footrest, up/down movement of seat, detachable utility table, detachable armrest, adjustable headrest, etc.

The most important factor in a motorized wheelchair is the seating. One has to make sure that the dimensions of the seat are appropriate for the person. The standard size of a wheelchair seat is eighteen inches wide by sixteen inches long. Also, another important factor in user comfort is the height of the seat, which should be measured from the floor to the seat. If the seat is low, then the feet would drag and if the seat is too high then it’ll be difficult to get out of the chair. A cushion is a must on a wheelchair seat because otherwise, the chair will not be comfortable.

Equal attention should be given to the arm supports, leg rests and foot rests. The arm rests should be flexible and adjustable enough to accommodate the arms of the person. The leg rests should be able to lock in a comfortable elevation, whereas the foot rests don’t have to move up and down but swing out of the way giving a better access to the seat. A motorized wheelchair requires a “deep-cycle” battery that needs to be recharged once a day, usually overnight and lasts about a year.

A motorized wheelchair should come equipped with a seat belt; and if not, then one should be installed. The speed with which a motorized wheelchair moves can take its passenger by surprise and so one should exercise caution while it is in motion, making sure the foot support straps have secured the feet to the pedals. While a disabled person might feel independent again while using a motorized wheelchair, he or she must make safety his or her first priority.

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