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Finding the Right Wine Storage Racks for You

by linkroll

posted in Food and Drink : Wine Spirits

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Using racks for wine storage is a tradition as old as the wine bottle itself.

Built In Racks

If you have a wine cellar or if you want to create cellar space from your basement or in a closet, you will want to have wine storage racks installed in your home. These days, wine storage racks come with a great deal of flexibility. You can specify your own height or width and you can store as many or as few bottles as you need.

With built in wine storage racks, your wine is held upright so you can see the labels. You will never have to pull a wine bottle out again to see if it is the right wine you want to place in your wine storage cooler, to be brought to serving temperature.

Wooden wine storage racks made of maple can even turn an inside corner in a win cellar. Corner racks have a rounded edge; they attach to the straight racks on either side and add a luxurious, professional look to any home wine cellar.

Maple is used to make these racks because it is an odorless wood, very sturdy and stable, so your wine bottles will not be moved about as the wood shifts and cures.

Free Standing Racks

The most popular free standing wood wine storage racks are the racks that hold 32 bottles. These racks stand 24 inches high and 33 inches wide. The racks are adjustable, so they can store cases of wine or just a few bottles.

These are no frills wine storage racks – and why not. A bottle of wine contains plenty of visual detail, between the graphics on the label, the color of the label, the color of the glass, the color of the wine, and the color of the foil top. There is no need for a wine storage rack to add additional pattern just to make it more attractive; the wine itself is attractive enough

Endorsements for wooden maple wine storage racks are all positive. Kurt Z. of Lebanon, New Jersey, writes, "Your racks are rock solid!" Scott M. of Charlotte, North Carolina, writes, "I saw your product at a friend's house, and the quality and workmanship enticed me to buy one."

Decorative Wine Racks

Some people prefer to buy a free standing decorative wine rack that hides the bottles away but makes a piece of art out of the rack itself. This is perfectly understandable in some of today's small living spaces, where there is no room to tuck a wine cellar away in a basement or closet. The wine rack sits out as a piece of furniture in the room.

Wire, aluminum, or wrought iron wine storage racks are extremely popular because they store the wine while giving the illusion of empty space.

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