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How To Finally Increase Your Article Writing Speed

by Gerard Mohamed

posted in Writing and Speaking

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While speed article writing sounds impressive and hard to do, take heart because it is not difficult and you can do the same thing too. Learning how to produce articles fast and accurately will give you the ability to cast a wider marketing net. The term, speed article writing, has been used over several years, but it is nevertheless still a very valid approach if you implement it in a proper manner.
One of the first things that you're going to have to do when you want to increase your article writing speed is create an outline for each of the articles you hope to create. This is the skeleton of your article and it works as the foundation of the article that you are going to compose. When you fail to use an outline, you're will probably struggle with the body, syntax and flow of the article as well. It is therefore advisable to put together a skeleton, because the only thing that is left to do after that, is filling it out. Not only that, but having an outline cuts down on the amount of thinking that you are going to do to figure out what you should be writing next.
Always finish what you're writing because this can be seen as a golden tip when it comes to improving your article writing speed. In order to keep moving forward without looking back, you just simply need the right level of motivation. When you keep finishing one article after another, you will automatically get that needed motivation to move forward, something that allows you not only create quicker articles, but it will be your actual progress that you can measure.
There are a multitude of ways to make your mind more fertile if you lack ideas, and just one way is sit down and brainstorm. The more number of ideas that you fill in, the easier it will be for you to incorporate them into your article writing and thus eliminate the time that goes into coming up with fresh ideas. We have just sort of scratched the surface with this topic, and that should clue you in on the fact that there are many other techniques you can use.
Your article writing will become so much more profitable when you are able to speed up your creation process. You don't have to be part of some special club to do speed writing. Basically, anybody can take advantage of it, particularly if they focus on tips like the ones we've shared with you here.
You should however make sure that all of the work you're doing on speeding up your process doesn't diminish the quality of the work you're doing. Speed writing an article, does not have to result in a finished product that feels rushed or hasty. This could result in a reputational risk of you being viewed as a sloppy worker and unprofessional. For any new writer, it could result in less work and therefore less earnings, because no one will conceivably be that brave to associate themselves with sub-standard writing.
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