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Publish Like A Maniac

by Rob Hillman

posted in Writing and Speaking

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How do you publish like a maniac? These days, everyone is always running after time. The world seems to be moving very fast and so you should keep up or else you might be left out. The writing industry is also keeping track that is why authors have studied and found ways to publish in the easiest and fastest way. However, it is always good to note that keeping up with time doesn't mean you need to be in a rush, fast in this sense still means being efficient. Do not ever sacrifice the quality of your work.
So, let us go back to the question stated above and try to answer it.
How do you publish like a maniac?
a.) Self-Publishing is the way to go. Your publishing will be fast when you self-publish. With this, you are in control. There is no 3rd party involved so no one gets the chance to tell you what to do and make the process slow. However, you should also be careful with your content, title, cover and design. This will be the basis for your sales. If you do not do it with creativity and beauty then you will not have sales.
b.) Amazon KDP. The flock of authors is at Amazon. With the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you publish fast. The process is made simple and easy. Your book is uploaded in less than five minutes. Your masterpiece is available to readers within 24-48 hours.
c.) There are only four sections you must complete in the Amazon KDP. But before you reach these sections, you have to have your own Amazon account and then sign up for kindle so you can use the KDP app.
The four sections to remember are:
Title Information:
Preview Book Content:
Confirmation of Publishing Rights:
Pricing and Royalty:
After filling out these sections, you can already click on save and publish. Your book appears at Amazon in more or less 48 hours. If you have improvements or changes to make, you can always do so. The changes you made will appear within 48 hours.
The majority of authors publish at Amazon KDP because they have felt at home with the process and have reached the top of the market. They also give you 70% royalty on sales and you also get to set the price of your book. Self-publishing is made convenient that even beginners would not have a hard time.
Independently publish your book now and earn unimaginable sales.
About the Author: Rob Hillman is a best selling Kindle author and enthusiast. To find out more about publishing on the Kindle platform, please visit
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