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The Self-Publishing School: Strategies Unraveled

by Rob Hillman

posted in Writing and Speaking

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I was struggling at my own self-publishing school. Every day was like hell. I just could not figure out what's wrong. I just couldn't get my publishing right. Every time I tried my luck in passing on my material, I always stumbled on bloody minded comments. I became very upset and discouraged about my pursuit. I wanted to end my dream of becoming an author and a publisher.
One ordinary night, I scanned through the net and encountered an article entitled "The Self-Publishing School For You." I was awed and felt a little inch of encouragement within me so I opened the article and read it. It talked about the Amazon self-publisher and the reasons why authors can't seem to do publishing right. After reading the piece,
I felt like an angel came down from heaven. I found the light. It was not the end of my career. I just had to do something I have never done before. Let me share to you the important points I read from the article.
The Self-Publishing School Points You Need to Know:
1.) Amazon is the world's largest and widest publishing site in the internet. This is where thousands of aspiring authors and publishers issue their masterpieces. The reason why Amazon is the choice of writers is because they have the simplest, easiest and fastest publishing rules and regulations. When you fall on one publisher, it doesn't mean you have failed. For the most part, you might just need to self-publish in another site/school.
2.) Amazon uses Kindle. The Kindle device is the most used e-reader in the world today. 79% of the world's readers are subscribed here. This means that you have a higher readership market. 80% of the writing community is also registered here. And more so, 30% of the world's biggest authors are products of the Amazon Kindle Device.
3.) Choose Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing. This is where your success will start. This is the home of the world's in-demand e-book authors.
The article also gave tips on how you can better your book and make it sell. These are the following:
1.) The power of the pen is nothing without the power of the heart. Your heart should be the author of your piece. This may sound cliché and corny but truth is books hit the market because they capture the hearts of the readers. This is the basis of the impact of your book.
2.) Be distinct in your design. The cover should be simple but exemplary. The title should be short but precise.
3.) Lastly, the article emphasized that the content should be reader-based since the purpose of your work is sales. Choose issues and topics that they need. The ones they can make use of every day. "How to" books are very much in demand today.
The Self-Publishing School is a broad industry. There are many ways to hit the target. So do not be discouraged because your work is never a failure. You just have to find your niche.
The 'Self-Publishing School For You' article really pushed me and encouraged me to do more. I owe my success to Amazon and Kindle. More so, I owe my success to this article. It made me move mountains. I hope this will help you too. I hope the Self Publishing School will be as good for you as it was for me.
About the Author: Rob Hillman is a best selling Kindle author and enthusiast. To find out more about publishing on the Kindle platform, please visit
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