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Simple Techniques to Automatically Become a Powerful Copywriter

by Lorenzo Sanjavier

posted in Writing and Speaking

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If you learn and apply the techniques in this lesson, you will have more power to influence your readers and get them to take action.
Copywriting is a way to write where you use words, phrases, and language patterns to create an emotional experience for reader and gets them to take action. You can use copywriting to persuade your readers and get them to buy your products and services.
You can use copywriting techniques throughout all your marketing. These copywriting techniques can be use on your websites, blogs, product reviews, product descriptions, etc.
Here's what to do right now to become a powerful copywriter...
  • Get 3 books that teach professional copywriting. In step 2 you're going to be retyping chapters from these copywriting books. Each book should have a different author. This will make your copywriting more dynamic. At the end, you will combine all three writing styles, along with your own experience, to create your own copywriting style.

  • Practice retyping a page or a chapter of each book for 50 minutes a day for 30 days. To create a new habit, you must do the thing every day for 30 days. You want to retype each book in order to get into the habit of typing. This will get your body to start typing everyday automatically. There is no way to get writers block because you have the text you need to practice writing right in front of you. Your mind will also automatically absorb all the copywriting techniques from the books you retype.

  • Don't do the exercise in the books. Just practice typing. You can do the exercise in the books after your 30 days. The reason you don't want to do them the first time around is so you don't stop typing.
    Here are the names of the three copywriting books I used when going through this process...
    • The Adweek Copywriting Handbook.
    • Copywriting Stud.
    • The Power of Persuasion.

    When you practice this technique keep your emotions upbeat. If you can, smile the whole time. Or, listen to music that makes you feel happy. Listen to music that gets you motivated. I watch TV. I have my favorite TV programs playing in the background. I don't really pay attention to the TV programs, but I did notice they keep my emotions positive. This makes my copywriting fun and I look forward to writing every day.
    This article is a result of using the techniques above. It was effortless and enjoyable to write. Try it, the payoff is huge.
    About the Author:
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