Acid Reflux Breathing

Acid reflux people are often seen suffering from various kinds of health aliments.

The most common of it being heart burn. Acid reflux causes are different in different people. In some people it can even go undetected. Various medicines which give relief can be taken by consulting the doctor. There are surgeries which can be performed to give a long term effect against the reflux but again these surgeries need to be re-performed after a certain period of time.

One of the most prevalent symptoms of acid reflux is breathing problem or asthma.

Snoring or breathing problem:

Breathing can be the most commonly suffered problem in people suffering from acid reflux. There is a pressure and a burning sensation felt in the chest whenever a person lies down. This pressure slows down the breathing process and a person becomes breathless. In this the normal breathing may be affected giving you sleepless nights. Breathing becomes difficult for such people. Snoring can also be noticed in these patients. For people suffering from such breathing problems it is recommended that they elevate their head's position while sleeping. This will avoid the acid from flowing back into the throat thus reducing the pressure on the chest making breathing clear and easy. Breathing problems can be due to various reasons so a doctor should be consulted.

Medicines are quite effective to relieve a person from the breathing problem. These medicines help reduce this problem to a certain extent but can again arise after the medicines are stopped.

For a long lasting effect there are surgeries which are performed. In these surgeries the surgeon drops down a camera in the throat of a patient, through a tube. He then tightens the weak functioning valve covering the top of the tube which connect stomach and throat. The time needed for this surgery nearly 30 min. and the patient is allowed to go home within a day or two. This surgery may have to be repeated after some time again.

Thus the breathing problem in acid reflux patients can be cured by consulting a doctor at a proper time.

Let us see some causes of Acid reflux:

The traveling of acid/ contents of stomach to the throat backwards is called acid reflux.

This is mainly caused because of eating habits, and is a digestive problem. The factors responsible for the reflux are eating habits, eating heavy meals, smoking and many more.

Eating Habits: We eat unwanted food sometimes which is high in calorie and fat.

This increase the level of unwanted toxins in the body giving rise to various health problems. It is very important, thus to know what we are eating, to be healthy.

Excess eating: People often become less conscious towards how much they eat. Once they sit on the table to eat they go on eating continuously. They tend to eat whatever is displayed on the table, thus becoming overweight.

Smoking: Smokers are more prone to the reflux because of the rise of nicotine levels, which is one of the main causes of acid reflux. They also loose their appetite and have nausea towards food.

So these causes should be avoided to keep yourself away from acid reflux.