Benefits of antioxidants on your health

There are so many benefits to antioxidants. Not only do most antioxidant rich foods taste great, they are also fantastic for your insides and outside.
Just a few of the benefit of antioxidants are their anti-aging properties, their skin clearing abilities and of course, the possibility they can help prevent and repair cancer damaged cells.

Antioxidants keep you looking younger for longer
Nobody wants to look old. I am adamant about staying young looking for as long as I can, and I believe that by soaking up the benefits of antioxidants, I won't be getting any wrinkles when I hit 40, or even 50! It is scientific fact that antioxidants will preserve your youth, and that in itself is reason enough to ensure you are eating the foods required to maintain the antioxidant levels required to keep you looking young.

Antioxidants clear your skin
This is one benefit of antioxidants I can personally vouch for - since I began consuming antioxidant rich foods on a regular basis, my horrible blotchy, acne prone skin has transformed into a glowing, clear complexion. And I put it down to just several foods which I have been consciously eating on a daily basis - berries, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and wholemeal breads.
Since antioxidants fight free radicals (cell damaging agents), it is only natural that their benefits will show through on your skin. Try it; I will be amazed if after a few months of eating an antioxidant rich det that your skin appearance hasn't improved ten fold!

Antioxidants and cancer
There are continual tests and studies going on in the scientific world to see just what effect, if any, antioxidants have on preventing and fighting cancer.
There is no doubt that antioxidants have some effect on the cells in the body - and it is these cells which can become cancerous. So is there a link between antioxidants and cancer prevention?

Well, if you eat antioxidant rich foods regularly, these antioxidants will reduce the free radicals in your body. Free radicals damage cells and cell walls as well as the genetic material inside your cells! For this reason, nutritionists recommend an antioxidant rich diet - looking after your cells has to go some way in fighting cancer formation.

As you can see, there are so many benefits of antioxidants that every person on earth should be consuming at least ONE food per day that is antioxidant rich.
Your body will thank you for it in years to come!