Bankruptcy Chapter 13

The US Congress passed a law that established a set of uniform laws to govern how bankruptcy was handled. These laws were placed under a system called the bankruptcy code. In this code there are chapters that pertain to various issues in bankruptcy. One such chapter deals with allowing the debtor to start a new life whilst they pay off their future debts. This bankruptcy chapter 13 is one of the popular bankruptcy laws.

In bankruptcy you generally need to find some way of living while at the same time you pay your creditors what you owe to them. This sounds a civilized way of dealing with this mater but the truth is otherwise.

In most cases creditors will try to force you to pay them the various amounts that you owe. This form of force payment can range from a simple letter to harassment via telephone calls and even visits from your creditors. With bankruptcy chapter 13 you have the best way of stopping this force payment and you are given a way to live again.

With a bankruptcy chapter 13 filing, for the person who has gotten into a debt which seems to be eating up their life’s earnings, this law allows the person to find a reasonable way of paying off their debts.

The terms of repayment will need to be discussed with your creditors in your lawyer’s presence. This way the terms of payment will be in accordance with a court approved payment scheme. With this payment scheme your debts can be paid off with an amount that you can afford to spare from your monthly living expenses.

Once you have filed for bankruptcy chapter 13 doesn’t allow your creditors to talk to you about your credit claims. There is a ceiling period of 5 years for you to pay off any outstanding debts that you have. This repayment will follow a plan that the court has decided will allow you to live and also pay your creditors off.

During the period of your bankruptcy chapter 13 gives the court the right to supervise how the repayment is progressing. Your interests for this entire time period will be looked after by your lawyer. There are other benefits that you can find with this bankruptcy chapter 13 law.

In this law you will be able to receive a full discharge option for your bankruptcy claim if you have managed to pay of all of the outstanding debts. The other great advantage of bankruptcy chapter13 law is that anyone can file for bankruptcy chapter 13 as long as they have a regular income with which they can pay off their debts.