Motivator Others, Become a Career Development Specialist

A career development specialist helps organizations plan and design programs for groups and individuals in specified fields to use to achieve career goals. Their roles vary depending on the organization's needs and employment factors.

Businesses and corporations seeking a career development specialist search for a person who is self motivated, can quickly solve problems and knows how to sit one on one with individuals to excess their needs and growth requirements. A career development specialist is given the task of creating a quality program that gets the employee excited to further his or her career development while helping create a path for the company to continue forward in today's market.

Most companies and services require the career development specialist to have earned an associates degree at minimum, but prefer a bachelor's degree or higher. Government run agencies prefer the specialist to have used at least three years of experience before applying.

To work as a career development specialist a person must convey strong communication through both oral and written services. Specialists learn to create organized presentations with information based and directed at the company, business or organization for which he works.

When dealing with individuals, such as when working for a temporary placement agency, a career development specialist is expected to have the training and skills to help a client access his (or her) present skills and talents, career options and direction, and to give the client advice on how to best reach their career goals. Determination is a key factor to become a career development specialist. Other skills include prioritizing, people motivation, recognizing individual weaknesses and areas of improvement.

Specialists tend to make around twenty five thousand dollars or more to start for full time work. Development specialists whose jobs include working with individuals more often than companies help direct the unemployed and the young through career development planning stages.

Career development specialists are often called upon to form a presentation for non-profit groups, school functions, or conferences. They must have had some classes in human resource, public speaking and writing for public in order to lead businesses and individual employees in job placement.

Since people change jobs and careers five or more times in their lifetime businesses know how valuable a career development specialist is to keeping employees moving in the right direction. High schools use them in connection with school counselors to aid ninth through twelfth grade students in their career development plans and goals.

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