Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Given the great taste match between coffee and chocolate, no wonder there is a whole variety of sweets combining the two: chocolate candies with coffee filling, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate and coffee cakes and so on. You really don't have to be a chef to prepare some of the most delicious of desserts: for instance chocolate covered coffee beans are easy to make at home.

All you need is quality coffee beans and some chocolate chips to melt. What you have to do is drop the coffee beans in liquid chocolate, take them out and let the hot chocolate cool on a waxed surface. It is usually advisable to let them harden for at least six or eight hours before serving them or even more simply than that: use the freezer!

For even more delicious flavors you may add vanilla or hazelnut powder to the liquid chocolate or you may roll the chocolate covered coffee beans through such a mix while the composition is still hot. This kind of dessert makes an excellent choice for a party treat, and you can be 100% sure the guests will appreciate it.

Chocolate covered coffee beans that you make at home could be even more special if white chocolate is used for the dripping. Chips usually come in a variety of flavors: there is dark or semi-sweet chocolate that preserves the taste of roasted coffee beans unchanged. One thing you should be careful about is that the coffee beans be high quality; buy something you are familiar with or go for the grocer's recommendation.

Several highly effective tricks can be made when preparing chocolate covered coffee beans: first of all, there is no restriction about using two different types of chocolate for the coating. However, make sure there are no contrasting flavors used; for instance, white milk chocolate and hazelnut dark chocolate could be the perfect combination.

If you want to give the chocolate covered coffee beans a more intense cocoa flavor, you can use some extra cocoa powder to pass the candies through when they are not cool yet. Or another trick here relies on the use of mint candy powder to make the chocolate covered coffee beans a bit spicy.

Regardless of the choice of ingredients, the home making of this dessert requires a lot of care concerning the temperature of the melting chocolate in which you drip the coffee beans; sometimes a steam bath is more adequate to use once the chocolate has reached the boiling point.