3 Ways to Finding Good Dental Care

3 Ways to Finding Good Dental Care

Finding dental care is very important especially if you wake up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain. The truth however is that no dentist will see you for the first time at 3 AM. The most you can do is drive to the ER where they can give your strong pain relieving medication. Then, you'll have to find dental care the next morning when the pain may have returned.

Not a good scenario

To avoid such a situation, try finding dental care when your tooth doesn't hurt. You should have a dentist whom you got to for regular six monthly check ups. This way most problems can be nipped in the bud so that you do not need to have a3 AM emergency; but even if for some reason you do, your dentist might be on call or may have an emergency answering service. Here are three ways to finding good dental care.

Insurance Company

If you are fortunate enough to have dental insurance from your employer or otherwise, then finding dental care is easer as you will have a list of dentists to choose from. Call up a few in your area and ask them about what areas the dentist specializes in and if the hours and location are convenient for you. If you are finding dental care for the entire family, ask if the dentist sees children as well. Always make sure with the receptionist if they accept your insurance and if so, what part is your responsibility for regular visits as well as treatment for fillings and extractions if need be. Compare rates between a few dentists' offices before making your first appointment.

Friends and Family

If you do not have dental insurance or have a discount card that is accepted by many dentist offices then asks around for recommendations. Referrals from your friend can make a big difference as the person they are recommending is not just another name in the phone book; it is someone they have trusted for a while. Many dentist offices give referral discounts too, so inquire if you and your friend can save some money this way

1-800 Dentist

If both these methods fail and you are still finding dental care, then call or go online to the much advertised 1-800 Dentist website or toll free call. The friendly operator will find you pre-screened dentists in your area and may try to accommodate special requests like pediatric dentistry, orthodontists or things like Saturday appointments.