Easter - Easter Gifts for Kids

Easter is a great time to give the kids gifts, especially when birthdays may be far off. But 'kids' covers a pretty wide range, from infant to teen. Maybe you're having trouble thinking of something for them that will fit into a basket. That problem is easy to solve...

For the pre-teen girl there are a world of choices. Perhaps you've considered earrings. How about a pair that displays tiny ice skaters in a small rink? They're a great reminder of the Winter just now passing. Or, maybe she would appreciate a subscription to a new music site to fill that iPod she got last Christmas.

You might have a son or daughter who is creative with crafts. That gives lots of choices. A window painting kit, with easy-to-remove paints and easy-to-clean brushes could be just the thing. Together, the pair of you could turn a bedroom window into something that resembles stained glass. But a painting of a nice Spring day of the sort just coming up could also be cheerful on those days it rains.

Another Easter gift that's great for kids stuck inside on a rainy day is a jigsaw puzzle. There are designs that range from a few large pieces for the very young to 5,000-piece behemoths for older teens. Finding something Easter-themed isn't hard. The younger crowd might like a Peter Cottontail picture. Older kids will go for the field of flowers in a meadow in the Swiss Alps with a castle in the distance.

Creativity comes in many forms. How about a set of clays that could be baked in the oven? Girl or boy can stay occupied for hours making a planter for some Easter flowers. Design one with a slot for a photo and you've got a decorative item that does double duty.

Cooking treats they get to enjoy later is always a fun treat, too. A set of cookie presses, muffin pans in amusing shapes or tiny chocolate containers can serve that purpose. How about their own personal mixer for making delicious strawberry smoothies? Tasty and healthy.

Purely decorative items are often appreciated by kids of various ages.

A set of whirling musical airplanes to hang over the crib can be the perfect Easter gift for infants. Young children might enjoy a crystal ball that shoots small lightening bolts of electricity from the center to their hands when they touch the globe. Young girls might like some egg-shaped accent lights in pink and green.

An Easter-themed lunch box or backpack could be useful the entire school year, if it has the right design. For the older kids, go easy on the bunnies, but the design could contain depictions of the Earth coming to life in Spring.

Computer games are another excellent choice for kids from age 4-14 and beyond. There are Easter-themed games that make it fun to perform a virtual Easter egg hunt. Perfect for those rainy Spring days when going outside is messy. Or, dazzle them with a trivia game that tells them all about history sprinkled with items about the origin of Easter.