Fish Tank Dimensions

While the most common mass produced fish tanks maintain the rectangular dimensions of a ten gallon, 20x10x12" or twenty gallon, 30x12x12", there are many different sizes to choose from. Fish tank dimensions can range from a small two and a half gallon tank measuring a space saving 12x6x8" all the way up to a wall sized one hundred eighty gallon, 72x24x24". One advantage to choosing a mass produced fish tank is that the necessary tank equipment is also mass produced to match these dimensions.

While most average aquariums are made of glass held together with silicone there is a growing demand for the odd shapes and sizes that can be obtained through the use of acrylic plastics. These fish tanks can range from circles to hexagons, corner angled to curved. Unlike the glass fish tanks whose dimensions are visibly defined by the silicone edges and a plastic top trim, the acrylics are assembled using a type of fusing glue which melts the various panes together so that there are usually no visible seams to obstruct the view of the fish within.

The greatest limitation on the dimensions of a home sized fish tank is the actual weight of the water contained within it. At eight and a third pounds per gallon, your top end one hundred eighty gallon fish tank will weigh in right at three quarters of a ton. Beyond this point, a larger fish tank can pose structural problems in the average home unless a person is also willing to lay out the extra cost of reinforcing the underlying floor supports.

Fish tanks can be custom made to fit any particular dimensions you crave. There have been coffee tables, dinner tables and even hollowed out computer monitors made to contain fish tanks. The only real limitations to the dimensions of your fish tank are the strength of the materials, the weight of the water and your imagination.