Kitchen Design

I recently bought a new house and one of the few things that I really had to redo in my house, was my kitchen. It needed an almost top-to-toe remodeling effort and I have to say that I was up to it. Since the kitchen is where I spend quite a bit of my time I was only too glad for the excuse to refurbish it. The only problem with that as far as I was concerned though was what my Kitchen Design was going to look like in the end.

I'm not one of those people who can easily visualize things unless I have it laid down in front of my eyes. So since I needed a really good Kitchen Design - I was only going to do this once - I flipped through some interior design magazines, visited a few home improvement stores and generally did the rounds.

What I came back with and what I liked, I noted down and kept to a side. If I was able to I would save whatever clippings and brochures I could find. I even found myself begging my dentist's receptionist for a magazine which had a particularly nice Kitchen Design in it.

After compiling my source material I then went to work late one night and starting with a blank page, drew a rough sketch of my kitchen. From there I filled in the particulars that I wanted, marked out the doors and such and generally had a field day with my paper kitchen design.

Of course I didn't only stick to one kitchen. I incorporated as many of the features I wanted into each design and finally over the course of half the night came up with a few designs which I liked. Afterwards it was just a matter of choosing which one I liked most. Instead of doing that however, I came up with a Kitchen Design which incorporated the best features of all of the remaining designs.

Having duly decided on the Kitchen Design that I wanted, I then went ahead and refitted every last single thing in the kitchen starting with the sink and ending with the cupboards. I watched my Kitchen Design come alive right under my very eyes.

And watching as the last coat of paint was slapped on the walls and the last speck of dust was lovingly wiped away from the counter top, I was happy beyond belief that I finally had my very own Kitchen Design incorporated into my house, finally. Theres a lot to be said for having your very Kitchen Design come to life for you.