Ag Jeans

There are many different types of people that love wearing clothes. The different clothes that people wear includes the ever popular blue jeans. You can find a number of different brands of jeans that are available for this purpose. One brand is called AG Jeans. This brand is named after the creator of these jeans.

The name of the AG Jeans creator is Adriano Goldschmied. The company was founded in 2000. To help with the creation process Goldschmied joined partnership with Yul Ku of Koos Manufacturing. This partnership allowed for the creation of a brand new jeans. This new jean was new called AG jeans.

When the two founders decided to part company, Yul Ku became the owner of AG Jeans. Before this occurred the products of AG Adriano Goldschmied jeans was successfully sold from a small boutique. The products from this company have steadily grown from the time of its inception.

Once the company was fully established and Ku became the owner of this company and there new developments in the line of jeans began. The people who are helping Ku develop and expand the line of jeans and other products from this company are ones who enjoy a challenge.

To help these people get their creative juices running the environment in the AG Jeans company is based on a think tank environment. Here the people who work on the designing of jeans and other products work in tandem with marketing people. The successful work that they do is the reason why this brand of jeans is so well know.

Currently AG Jeans is sold in a number of stores in different countries. These stores are located in Canada, Western Europe and also in Asia. There are about 9 or so different collections of jeans. These are Stilt Jeans, Angel Jeans, Cropped Jeans, Club Jeans, Casablanca Jeans, Elite Jeans, Kiss jeans, Corded Jeans, and Assorted Styles.

Additionally you will see that there is a range of clothes which includes fashion coordinates. In this range you will find jackets, vests, tee-shirts, and denim dresses. These are just a few of the clothes that you will find in the AG Jeans range of clothes. When you look at the superior brand of clothing from this company you will see why so many people love to buy and wear these clothes.

The AG Jeans line is thoroughly committed to providing its customers with the highest in quality products. AG Jeans is an American company that takes pride in its desire to promote the dream of good living for everyone.