A Guide to Kayaking

Kayaking has quickly become the sport of the season, with thousands of people around the world starting to participate. Kayaking is a watersport that is great for the whole family and one that is more than just fun and enjoyable it is also a great workout activity.

There are many different types of kayaks that are available, including a canoe kayak. Very similar to the canoe, the canoe kayak does definitely have its major differences however. There are three major distinctions that separate a canoe from a kayak.

First, while a kayak is a decked boat while a canoe is not, and this is the most major difference. There is also the fact that when using the boat, a kayaker sits flat with his legs extended under the deck and his upper body rising from a central hole in the deck, while a canoer will kneel in the boat.

The third major distinction between a canoe and a kayak lies in the paddle, as a canoe utilizes a shorter paddle with a blade on only one end while the kayak uses a longer paddle with blades at both ends of the rod.

A canoe kayak basically incorporates the best of both worlds, taking the most favorable features of both boats and combining them into one as a result.


If you are interested in going kayaking, there are a few pieces of equipment that you are going to need to equip yourself with. Obviously the first and most important piece of equipment you are going to need for kayaking is the kayak. You will need to choose a kayak that is large enough for all members to fit into, but not too large that you are not going to be able to control it.

You are also going to need paddles, so that you can move the kayak when you are in it. Before you head out on a kayaking adventure you are going to need to learn how to use these paddles, and they can definitely be a bit tricky to start with.

You are also going to need to get the right apparel, and a wetsuit is a perfect option, although you can just wear your regular clothes. The idea with the wetsuit is that if you are to fall into the water, at least you will not be weighed down by your clothes. You also don't want random pieces of your outfit getting caught on kayak, especially if it turns over with you in it.