Organic Skin Care Recipe Can Save Time And Health

Organic Skin Care Recipe Can Save Time And Health

Continued scrutiny of cosmetic companies and the ingredients used in the most popular skin care products are convincing unwary consumers that it may be better for them to find and use an organic skin care recipe that they can make at home. While not giving in to the advertised claims of many products to reduce age lines and return their skin to a more youthful appearance, it has been found that some of the organic skin care recipes available can produce similar results at considerably less cost.

One of the prime concerns people have as the grow older are wrinkled and millions of dollars are spent annually on products that promise to smooth them out. While some of the products do an excellent job, it has been found that one of the key ingredients in a commercial organic skin care recipe contains the same ingredients as found in green seedless grapes. Natural skin care advocates claim that by cutting the grape in half and gently crushing it on the face and neck will help make the wrinkles disappear. Once the grape juice is on the face, it should be rinsed off with tepid water and the faced patted dry.

In addition to using any organic skin care recipe, appropriate health measures are also recommended. Many skin care specialists as well as physicians say that for healthier skin a person should drink six to eight glasses of water every day, eat vegetables containing vitamin A and if possible, a full eight hours of sleep every night.

Important To Know Source Of Ingredients

Some of the advantages of using an organic skin care recipe is knowing what ingredients are in the product and well as where that ingredient originated. To be a truly organic skin care recipe the products used will have to be certified organic, meaning that they were produced without any chemical products. Many products claiming to have been made with organic ingredients only have to include 70 percent organic ingredients to qualify for the label.

Even when concocting a homemade organic skin care recipe it is important to know the source of all of the ingredients mixed in. Dusting powder for example, can be made by using cornstarch, orrisroot powder and essential oil. Probably the biggest opportunity will be insuring the essential oil is made from botanicals that are 100 percent organic certified. If not, whatever chemicals that are in the plant's fertilizer or pesticides will now be in the powder.