Education Talk: Project Management Programs

If you're thinking about pursuing a career in the project management field, you need to know what is required from an educational perspective. There is far too much competition out there these days to believe you can make it to the top of your chosen profession just by being good at what you do. There are people out there that are better and there are people out there who are worse, and both types are getting the jobs you've been passed over for because they have what you don't: a degree. Most companies won't even look at a project management candidate unless he has completed a Bachelor's degree, preferably with an emphasis in business. If you want to ensure the higher paying jobs, you may not want to stop there. All in all, there are several project management programs you can embark on, each of them furthering your potential in this highly competitive field.

If you wish to pursue an undergraduate degree, there are plenty of schools that offer this program. If you already have an associate degree, the path to a Bachelor will only take around two years and will include a course of study in business administration as well as a full round of the usual liberal arts programs. Project management programs differ from school to school, of course, so you will need to research further to determine exactly what your B.A. will require.

If you feel you need to further your education, thus putting you in competition for the higher paying careers, you may want to consider enlisting in a project management program that works toward a graduate degree. This could come in the form of an MBA or a Masters degree. There are even several online universities that may make the best bet if you are now employed full time and cannot afford the time it would take to enroll in actual classes.