Basic Steps on How to Make Glycerin Soap

Making glycerin soap at home is enjoyable. It is very easy and simple to make, plus, you can use it as soon as you finish making it. What is more, glycerin soaps make great all-occasion gifts and you can give it to anyone. If you are looking for instructions on how to make glycerin soap, you can find numerous recipes online.

But of course before you start making glycerin soap, you would need to get the primary ingredient known as a glycerin soap base. This is easily available in craft stores and companies that sell candle and soap supplies. Glycerin is colorless and opaque. This compound is a byproduct of the combination of lye and animal fat. Glycerin has moisturizing and solvent properties, which makes it no wonder that it is perfect for soap.

The method used for making glycerin soap is known as "melt and pour" because that is basically what is done to make this kind of soap. Below are more specific steps on how to make glycerin soap. Gather first the materials you would need: pan, glycerin, coloring, fragrance or essential oil (optional), mold, rubbing alcohol, and spoon.

Ten Steps on How to Make Glycerin Soap

1.) Put a pound of glycerin soap in a pot and melt it in at a temperature of around 155 degrees Fahrenheit.
2.) Remove the pot from heat.
3.) Stir in coloring into the melted glycerin. If you wish, add a tablespoon of your choice of essential oil.
3.) Mix the mixture well.
4.) Take a soap mold and spray it with rubbing alcohol to prevent bubbles from forming.
5.) Pour the mixture into the mold.
6.) If there are any bubbles rising from the base, let it get to the top and spray them with rubbing alcohol to make them disappear.
7.) Set aside the soap for thirty minutes.
8.) Put the soap in the freezer for another thirty minutes.
9.) Take the soap mold out of the freezer and let it sit for ten minutes.
10.) Pop out the soap from the mold.

The great thing about making glycerin soap is you can blend different fragrances, oils and colors. An example of a combination you can t

ry is bay essential oil with juniper essential oil and your favorite floral fragrance. You can make this soap emerald green. If you are wondering how to make glycerin soap with lavender scent, simply blend a purple coloring with a floral scent and the essential oils of sandalwood, vanilla and lavender. These combinations are just a few suggestions on how to make glycerin soap variations.