Best Wakeboard

In the eternal quest for sporting excitement, new extreme sports are being constantly created from older, more conservative methods of play. One such sport to make a place for itself in the annals of extreme sports is "wakeboarding". Developed from a cross between regular surfboarding and water skiing, wakeboarding involves a single board, smaller than a traditional surf board being pulled by a motorboat.

What makes wakeboarding exciting is that the competition comes in the form of the maneuvers performed as the board is ridden over the wake waves of the towing boat. A series of flips, spins and twists are all just a part of the gyrations attempted at the wave peak crossing. The "pull point" where the attached cable leads off the boat is higher than with regular skiing so the rider can obtain more "lift" while performing.

The boats themselves are required to be of a special design. Often built with the engine and transmission reversed and moved forward and the propeller situated under the craft, the weight of the boat is balanced in the bow so a deeper cut into the water will create greater wave forms for the performer to ride. There are several fin designs that will offer different performance features although many experts argue that no fin at all will give the experienced wakeboarder a definite advantage.

The average speed for a wakesurfer to perform at is between eighteen and twenty-five miles per hour. The board is especially designed to cut the water more sharply than a regular surfboard or ski. Depending on the maneuvers you are attempting, the board may have a bottom surface of dimpled concaves for riding higher in the water or grooved water channels to allow the board to cut more quickly through the water. The best wakeboards will be custom built to take into consideration the height, weight and preferred foot placement for better performance.