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How to Help Kids with a Panic Attack: the Role of a Responsible Parent

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : Anxiety

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When we see our kids becoming victims of panic attacks, it is very natural that we get stressed inexplicably. But, in reality, getting overstressed in such scenarios would further complicate the problem and is very likely to pave way to unwanted consequences. Rather than stressing yourself on this, understand how to help kids with a panic attack and adhere to the best practices that can help your kid get out of those attacks with ease.

It is definitely challenging to help someone with a panic attack. However, it is the bounden duty of a responsible parent to understand the know how to help kids with a panic attack and do the needful in aiding the kid cope with the panic trigger on the fly.

How to Help Kids with a Panic Attack?

Sweating, trembling, loosing track of acquired habits like toilet training, vomiting, avoiding meeting select people of confronting select scenarios, fainting and loss of breath are a few of the common symptoms of panic attack. As soon as the signs of panic attacks are visible on your child, don’t get worried by the weird acts of your kid. Rather than getting worried, understand that it is the complete responsibility of the parent to help your child cope with the formidable situation that he is confronted with.

Instead of trying to understand the trigger right away, try to be patient. Do what your kid loves to and involve him in activities that he is very fond of. Try to sit with him and paint, play and draw with him for that would make him feel comfortable and secured. Try to go for long walks to the nearby parks in the evenings with him and allow him to play. Try to get involved in playing with him and enjoy meddling and playing with the toys that he like most.

Encourage him to do things that he is really good at. This would not only distract him of the current frightening situation but would also help him in understanding that you are there to support him in whatever he does.

Once he becomes comfortable and stress free, after a few days of full fun and frolic, try to explore the reasons for his panic. Understand what stresses him so much that he gets panicked? Usually, kids get affected with panic attacks either due to a past occurrence or due to their involvement in an activity in which they are not good at. While trying to understand on how to help kids with a panic attack, ensure that you don’t panic him further by putting him into those stressful scenarios again and again.

Once you track and identify the root cause, try to keep him away from the trigger as far as possible. While getting him involved in what he is good at, make him understand that everyone need not be good at everything. Talk to him optimistically and encourage positive thoughts in him. Teach him how to confront challenging scenarios with confidence. Let him understand that breaking down while confronting minor challenges in life is not going to solve the problem.

Simultaneously, ensure that you visit a mental health practitioner and get to know how to help kids with a panic attack in detail. Ensure that this step does not offend him in any way. By seeking the help of a practitioner who can take this up further smoothly, you can help your child in getting rid of panic attacks with ease.

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