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Reading From The Ceo To See Business Owners Zhao Benshan Learning Psychology

by erenber

posted in Business

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these days, the famous comic dialogue famed Uncle Zhao became CEO spent 55 million read news, once again the star model of learning up. This is an example not just stars, but should be worthy of our small household electrical appliance enterprises to learn ... ...

[ HC Home Network News ] In the MBA class, which spent 55 million days of Uncle Zhao became CEO read news. Chinese people always have X and exemplifies the "study" habits, "the worth of high value and of talking only to study" is regarded as a maxim. Who first said that the entertainment bar, reading from Gong Li Shan of Beijing University graduate student to attend the Cheung Kong Graduate School, all reflect the domestic to the highly educated and pursue careers, and even home business owners are also competing to post-graduate training institutions to try for themselves also owned enterprises "gold."

CEO from Uncle Zhao time business owners to see the learning psychology

Ancient language of "small business pursuit of profit, big business by name." When the small business development to a certain size, to do short-term to make quick money are no longer suitable for its long-term development needs, coupled with enterprise

Boss Themselves need their own social value can be fully realized.

Zhejiang Okuda Electric Co., Ltd. Marketing Director Wang Jingwen has said such an interesting case, "Okuda CEOs are not the boss, but to be entrepreneurs."

Wang Jingwen of these words actually revealed the majority of SME owner of the psychological, for the present, small business owners to the relevant institutions to "recharge", primarily for two purposes, first, simply to give themselves and their business spectrum on the "academic aura." As we all know, most Chinese private enterprises at home low educational level, starting from Zhuangjia Yuan, but they are able to grasp the opportunities to do their own business bigger, the author's father, college students who travel extensively to "Dan Mianhua" Today they are are worth tens of millions of private owners, once the students home in the living room I prominently pointing met their father in a famous university, graduate diploma, I was surprised when their father, both in the business all-powerful, can cause such a high degree of deep time, the students smiled and said, in fact, the idea of holding high grade of "certificate", it stresses more face up points.

Is seized of this psychological business owners now in order to

Home Appliances Manufacturing famous Cixi Region, from Renmin University of China Zhejiang University of sizes to studies related to the degree in counseling and training institutions came into being. These organizations will give the number of business owners brought real benefits but in the second, the key is to give business owners a certificate was approved. However, some non-formal institutions to sub-Small piece of "official told us," As far as training, financing and other bait, making money from business owners who, two sets of CCTV in the April 29 "Today observed," has pointed out, the owners due to their own limited knowledge, the first loud in the name of investment feast, well-designed financing trap easily capture a crook.

Addition to their own and enterprise "gold", the another is the business owners really want to get something from the study, one personal connections, and second, marketing experience. Such as Zhao Benshan in the Cheung Kong Graduate School student, and the well-known entrepreneur Jack Ma, Fu Chengyu, have become students. The high course, have long had learned into a "platform" for the study were provided with access to successful entrepreneurs, the opportunity to communicate with each other, for most small business owners, the use of their money in commercial power greater The most direct purpose of the training; However, to really learn how much marketing experience? In fact, Chinese companies use foreign knowledge may not be appropriate, it is learned, some SMEs themselves MBA rote learned, results not only not profitable, but there was negative growth. The key is the business owners how to digest, apply their knowledge.

Short, small business owners learn how much like Uncle Zhao time MBA CEO. As a personal or business development to a certain extent, he and his business no longer part of ourselves, but to assume a social responsibility. Simple "gold" or real "learning," both for its own social value and better life to the maximum value of the improvement.

About the Author:

I am an expert from China Computer Parts, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as torx tamper proof , gillette mach 3 turbo blades.

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