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How Dangerous is an Ovarian Cyst During Pregnancy?

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness

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The idea of having an ovarian cyst in general is scary, but when you’re pregnant it can be frightening. For any woman who’s been told she has an ovarian cyst during pregnancy, it’s crucial she takes time to understand what this means and what she should be doing to deal with it. For any woman told she has an ovarian cyst during pregnancy, it’s not necessarily a worst-case scenario but it’s important to know what’s going on. There are a few different types of ovarian cysts a woman can develop, two types which are especially common.

Follicles are normal sacs filled with fluid and which contain an egg in the woman’s body. Follicles are fluid filled sacs in the woman’s body, which hold an egg traveling down from the fallopian tube. There are also the luteum cysts which often do not exhibit any symptoms and which tend to occur towards the end of the woman’s menstrual cycle. Of course the only way to determine what type of cyst you have, your doctor must perform a few tests and advise you of this.

Dealing with an ovarian cyst is usually only necessary if it’s growing too large or causing the woman discomfort or pain. When a woman is dealing with an ovarian cyst during pregnancy, because there’s the chance of harm to the mother and baby doctors need to be extremely careful in what they choose to do. Large cysts can cause discomfort and pain to the pregnant woman, and if the cyst were to rupture which happens a lot, this could actually cause a miscarriage or premature labor. If a cyst were to rupture in a woman while she was pregnant, there’s a chance it could cause a miscarriage or premature labor.

This is why when an ovarian cyst during pregnancy is found doctors monitor the woman very closely to keep an eye on the location and size of the cyst. Doctors at least want to try and put off treatment until after the baby has been born. In worst case scenarios the ovarian cyst during pregnancy could actually end up becoming twisted, which would require surgical removal. Surgery generally doesn’t harm the baby at all but because the possibility of risks and complications are so much more serious, doctors want to avoid having to do this.

Surgery should always only be a last resort and doctors know this better than anyone. They will usually only choose to operate on cysts that are twisted or larger than 6 cm in size. While ovarian cysts can develop during a woman’s pregnancy, in most cases they were there before the woman even got pregnant. This is why it’s so important to get regular pap tests so your doctor can provide you with a proper examination and make sure that you’re healthy and don’t have cysts, especially if you’re trying to get pregnant.

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