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Diaper Changing Tips For First Time Dads

by Nathan Killpack

posted in Home and Family

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Are you a first time or expecting first time dad? If so, you may wonder how often you will be called upon to change dirty diapers. I was adamant that I wouldn't be changing dirty diapers as a new dad. Boy have the tables turned. I offer you 5 diaper changing tips to help you get off on the right foot with the new diaper changing thing.
#1 - Embrace your Role
Face it guys, there isn't much you can contribute to a new baby. Changing diapers is one area that we can contribute, and master, over time. Embrace this new reality and you'll get so good at it you won't even bat an eye when the time comes to swap out a rotten bomb. Earn extra points with your significant other at the same time and everyone becomes a winner, even you!
#2 - Establish your Routine
Routines are essential with kids, whether it be a bed time routine or a meal time routine. Changing diapers is another area where a routine will help you power through even the worst blow-outs. Establish a routine for setting up your area and changing the diaper and it will become second nature. Do this by being consistent with where you change your baby's diapers, how you go about it, and how you set up your station.
#3 - Setup your Station
I recommend a changing table complete with tie down straps and easily accessible bins. As you develop your diaper changing routine, you will want to equip your changing table (AKA workbench) with all the necessary tools of the trade, like clean diapers, wipes, butt cream, toys (for distracting) all within arm's reach. With everything accessible, the change will go without a hitch. Sometimes you have to improvise. Don't freak out; children can sense fear like bears and lions. Stay calm and react to curveballs on the fly.
#4 - Hone your Skills
When wiping a dirty bottom, how you present the wipe is critical. Start with the diaper and wipe away as much of the filth as possible. Keep your first wipe flat and tackle the heavy areas. Fold the wipe in half and continue to wipe and fold. Wipe and fold. You may need 2 or even 3 wipes to get all the cracks and skin folds. Be sure to wipe front to back for girls. Make sure you get all the cracks and folds.
#5 - Proper Diaper Disposal
Proper diaper disposal is critical to keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. Nothing is worse than leaving a #2 diaper in an open top waste basket. Invest in a sealed diaper pail (like the Diaper Genie or Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail) and keep it close to your station. Don't overstuff those pails, or you will be in for a nightmare if the seams split. Don't skip this tip; proper diaper disposal is essential.
Try these 5 tips out the next time you change a diaper, and I promise you will become more comfortable with diaper duty in the future. Hopefully, these tips will help you to become a pro at changing diapers, because honestly, there isn't much else for us guys to contribute. Good luck!
About the Author: Nate is a recent first time dad and writer for First Time Dad Tips. For more information and tips for changing diapers or how to cope with becoming a first time dad, visit the site today. Thanks for reading!
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