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Making Room for Something New in the Garden

by Dawn Marie Carlson

posted in Home and Family

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I am making progress and room in my garden for new things with the guidance from Jack Canfield's book - The Principles of Success: Principle #28 Clean Up Your Messes and Your Incompletes.
There will always be new tasks/projects/missions that need completing and in competing stages - so this is an ongoing mission of mine.
I often walk around my garden and take notes of what tasks I must complete, transplant, and coordinate the placement of new plants. I decide which textures, colors, or sizes of plants I need and where I want them included. This is my primary garden task - the overall planning while viewing the garden in smaller sections within the entire garden design.
Jack Canfield stated, "Get into the completion consciousness. Continually ask yourself, What does it take to actually get this task completed? Then you can begin to consciously take that next step... Rather than start fifteen projects that end up incomplete and take up space, you'd be better off if you had started just three and completed them."
I discovered some of those incompletes or projects in my garden survey and I have a scroll of things that could be, should be and want to be concluded, which can appear overwhelming.
Jack Canfield and Mark Twain and many others endorse this management technique: chunking it down into smaller more manageable tasks and maintain focus.
Recently in my garden, I added larger containers to transplant older plants that were root bound and needed space to grow and bloom. I found azure blue, root beer brown and asparagus green containers on sale at different places and I am trading the smaller containers with a more uniform garden design.
To add flair, I planted fresh yellow and pink primroses, and pink, purple and red cyclamen around the border of the hydrangea, pink rose transplants and others. In the some of the new containers, I added two delicate Pink Breath of Heaven, a pink geranium and a lavender osteospernum (daisy) and I am pleased with the final results.
Within a week, the blooms will spring forth and sing! Ahh... progress.
I always photograph my garden so I can review what worked successfully or not. Sometimes, I repeat a garden design that I especially liked in a similar or different location. I am celebrating these completions and successes and remembering them with my photos.
Now, I have room for new things in my garden and to complete new tasks. Happy gardening!
About the Author: Dawn Marie Carlson. Please sign up for fresh news from my Dawn to Dusk Blog at
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