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The Way to Earn Profit With Your E-Book at ClickBank

by Rob Hillman

posted in Internet and Businesses Online

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If you are an author-entrepreneur who wants to sell a product, ClickBank is the best choice. I am an author and years ago, I tried my luck at the site. When I heard about the site, I thought it was impossible but today I stand as a living testimony of the site. Indeed, my e-books were sold fast. I do not want to brag but thousands of affiliates have chosen to promote my e-books and were sold to hundreds of ClickBank users. Earning came easy and more so, my e-books became hits.
One of my customers wrote a comment and said that she wanted to try writing a book and try her fortune at ClickBank.
"I really want to write and publish a book. This is my lifetime dream. I have tried making one before but I never had the guts and the chance to share it with others and earn from it... I really want to make this work, I hope someone can help me," - Liza
To those of you who have the same dilemma, this is what you have to do.
First and foremost, never think that you are doing the wrong thing. Making a book has rules. But do not worry about this. I am sure that the book you have started writing or/and finished were based on rules you have searched online or have searched somewhere else. The most important thing to remember is to first write. Settle with the specifics later.
Here is a more detailed discussion about book making and how you can make it work in ClickBank:
1.) Writing. Firstly of course you have to write. Choose an interesting topic or a topic of you interest. Write with all your heart. Just let all your ideas flow. Put down everything you know. Jot down all the things you think your readers must know.
2.) Editing. After the writing, edit it. Read through the lines. Correct grammar and improve your writing. Read your work over and over again.
3.) Design and Cover. Choose the best design for your book. One that is fitting to your topic. Make sure it is attractive and appealing. This will get the first impression of your readers.
When you are already done with your book, you have to publish it. You can either use a publisher or you can self-publish as well. After this, you can now proceed to ClickBank.
Upload a copy of your book to ClickBank. Sign up for an account, go to the marketplace and upload your book. If your book is appealing, surely, affiliates will come flocking. This is the reason why you have to make your book eye-catching. ClickBank affiliates are competing against each other so they would opt for a product that will be sold easily.
The three steps above will be very useful for your book to be flocked by affiliates. These affiliates will be the one to promote your book to thousands of buyers so if your book is not tempting then chances are no one would like to market it for you. If ever an affiliate markets it, the latter will have a hard time in doing so.
Electronic books are consumed by users because they provide both information and entertainment. To authors who want to earn at ClickBank, just always remember to have an appealing and seductive book. In this way, affiliates will be interested to promote your book and your earning will come fast and easy.
About the Author: Rob Hillman is a ClickBank enthusiast. To find out more about ClickBank and other ways to make money online please visit
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