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Tibet Government

by erenber

posted in Self Improvement : Leadership

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Economic and Information Technology Commission of Shanghai SHAO Zhi

Shanghai in support of Tibetan software application development and promotion of the concept of "based on independent innovation, relying on government-enterprise Cooperation Training drive applications, the formation of long-term mechanism, "the Tibet Information Model.

With the information age, information has become a model to promote economic and social development and an important force for change, efforts to improve the information level of the Tibet Autonomous Region, on the scientific development of regional economy and improve living standards of the Tibetan people, has a positive and profound significance. For a long time, some ethnic minority regions due to natural conditions and economic development and other factors, the national language text-based software development and application level there is a certain gap with the mainland. To this end, countries in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period started the "National Affairs, Information Management Project", which clearly stated, "study the establishment of minority language information standards, research, promotion of multi-ethnic, language processing and interactive information retrieval ", in particular, to support and encourage domestic enterprises to engage in minority language research and development of information products. Promoting tripartite cooperation

Tibetan office software 2007 years, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology with the launch of the Tibetan language and application software development work, the Shanghai Economic and Information Committee to establish the project's matching support mechanisms, and in-depth study of popularizing Tibetan software. January 2008, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Shanghai Municipal Government jointly presented to the Tibet Autonomous Region is 3.2 million sets of winning popular Chinese office software in Tibetan, Tibet and Shanghai to promote cooperation between information technology a big step forward. Subsequently, the Office of the Tibet Autonomous Region Committee of the Tibetan language, Economic and Information Technology Commission of Shanghai and the trilateral co-operation successful software, launched two years covering the whole of Tibet's large Tibetan office software application training.

At the end of 2009, has accumulated to deploy more than 20,000 sets of Tibetan office software, training more than 2,500 key technical staff, the successful tenderer PwC office software in Tibetan Autonomous Region has become all levels of government, Education And enterprises mainstream office software applications. March 2009, in the Tibet Autonomous Region on the basis of successful promotion, Shanghai Xuhui District Government once again to apply the model to the second largest concentration of Tibetan population living in Qinghai Province, the region of 2.6 million gift awarded S & P China Tibetan office software, and implemented covering all the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai training program. Tibet Autonomous Region and Qinghai Tibetan office software for successful promotion of the Tibetan cultural areas to enhance our level of information played a positive role.

Information into long-term mechanism Tibet Shanghai R & D in support of the Tibetan language and application software on the highlights, "based on independent innovation, relying on government-enterprise cooperation, training driven applications, the formation of long-term mechanism," the Tibet Information model, embodied in four areas:

First, based on independent innovation, consolidate the information base Tibet. Shanghai Municipal Committee by letter corresponding assistance in carrying out the work, always adhere to the municipal government established the "government guidance and market operation, enterprises, social participation," the general principle, fully mobilize social forces to support the construction of the Tibet Information aided computer, network and other hardware devices, extended to the popular Tibetan information software applications, information and gradually formed a new idea Tibet. Shanghai's software and information services through the accumulation of long-term innovation and technology, enterprise level and R & D is continuously growing. Successful software enterprises in the infrastructure software breakthrough core technology, research and development of Tibetan software and significant improvement for the information technology Tibet laid a solid foundation.

Second, relying on government-enterprise cooperation and the aid to explore win-win model. Construction of Government-led community-wide participation in the multi-level social assistance system, the key is to mobilize the enthusiasm of all participants, so that the aid to be an important platform for enterprise development, the formation of the government and business win-win development of a virtuous circle. Successful S & P China Tibetan office software donations and training, is involved in the aid to enterprises, multi-useful exploration to achieve a win-win is the possession of Shanghai as the result of sincere cooperation.

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