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Interactive projectors- New age Digital solutions

by tim warrington

posted in Business : Multimedia

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Retail spaces make use of various means of digital advertisement today. Digital signage or touch screen LCDS  can convert a retail outlet into a dynamic buying place for a customer. How about a better solution like interactive projectors to make selling even better?

Interactive projectors are nothing but projected screens similar to a movie screen but controlled by a computer where the person controls the computer with the help a pen or remote. They are popular solutions in the educational sector as of today as they make learning dynamic for a large class; this has proved be an effective way.

Projectors can be either wall mounted or floor mounted. How do they serve well in the retail space? Well there is no doubt they can be used in the retail space by projected large screens in malls or outlets. This way the technology becomes fascinating and in the matter of educating the customer of the product, it really gathers attention.

Interactive projectors or whiteboards are extremely popular in the US and the market for it has grown up to 1 billion today. Projectors are not a new era product but interactive projectors, which can be controlled via different mediums, are new.

They are in the league with other media like Touch screen technology and digital signage and the better aspect of all these is that a combination too can be worked out of all three. The need of retail marketing on spot arises from the need to influence an individual mind at the purchasing point, especially to cut down competition. Not many brands take to this kind of advertising as it is a new way.

Technology helps in a number of ways when it comes to marketing strategy. These means of digitization can be effectively used by installing in many areas like above product racks or at billing counters or in the pathways inside a store promoting a product. The customer is more exposed to the advertiser who also has a chance to reach out to the audience that may not be exposed to other advertisements.

The customer is likely to notice the product and features more given that projectors can display rich media unlike the projectors of a previous era which affected quality of media. Today's marketing is about moving closer to the audience and penetrating every space where buying decisions can be influenced.

InFocus has launched their own interactive projectors with Liteboard wands which convert any white board area in to interactive spaces. Other companies like DELL have also come out with interactive projectors.  With the lightboard wand or the pointer, the screen behaves in much the same way as a computer screen does and the light pointer on the screen functions in the same way as a mouse with left and right click options, scrolling options and undo button.  In addition it enables the presenter to underline specific texts or draw a circle around an image to emphasize his presentation.  In addition there is the flexibility of touching the image directly on the screen from close or using the lightwand  rom a distance and obtaining the same functionality.

Digital mediums do form a large part of today's marketing activity and interactive projectors used with the right provider can decrease cost of digitization on your marketing activity. Unlike other advertising mediums digital is much cheaper and effective too.




About the Author:

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