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Out of home Electronic Marketing - Stopping Theft To Digital Signage Monitors

by Graham Gallagher

posted in Business : Multimedia

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Outdoor digital signage is utilizing remarkable systems to promote and enhance branding for any number of organizations.

Branding is moving away from printed posters or even newspaper print, however a simple flat panel screen TV along with a basic campaign player is being deployed to catch your eyeball with jaw dropping force.

Out of home digital signage is in most shopping centers, airports, ferry terminals and transit hubs. Even small companies are using them to promote their items in store and strengthen sales.

Out of home digital advertising is a marketing solution that can promote or enforce you brand 24 hours per day, so is the expenditure worth it? Well it surely is as many advertisers are configuring this method to get their marketing point across, now using new technology you can broadcast your ad to local mobile/cell phones ideal for messaging to local people.

Out of home dynamic marketing will switch earlier promotional methods within the next 6 years this is the reason why many newspapers have gone on line, so they can advertise for customers however the return on investment is very poor compared to open-air digital signage.

Out-of-doors digital signage - defending your investment

Outdoor digital signage is located outdoors, in spite of this we are all conscious of how fragile the monitors are, if you have ever had an LCD or plasma screen, you will know they are significantly thinner than CRT screens and the smallest bang can smash the screen and make the Television useless.

Have you ever asked friends and family about their new flat screen TV when they have young offspring, you will see that a plasma or LCD television is easily ruined; this could be from your child's favourite gadget or a gaming consoles handset accidentally hitting the screen.

Now a commercial display that is used for digital advertising can cost in excess of $1,950 per screen so protection is a prerequisite, if not it is quite pointless in deploying the costly displays if they are not protected.

Now imagine the hazards when you put a commercial screen out-of-doors, you have the possibility some ruffian will through a rock or stone at the display and if it hits the Display, you are sure to have an pricey replacement cost, then again on the other hand if the monitor is enclosed in an LCD enclosure, this will deliver all the protection required, above all if the unit is fitted to a wall high up at say 12 feet from the path.

Outdoor digital signage protection with an LCD enclosure

Sunlight Challenge.
There are quite a lot of issues to watch for, first there is the sunlight if the display is placed too near the front of the cabinet the heat build up will over a time start killing the pixels in the screen causing the screen crash before it should.

An LCD enclosure must be fitted with a UV filtered viewing window; this will filter out most of the damaging UV rays that kill the pixels and another point is the monitor must have a minimum of 2" opening between the television and the door otherwise this gap will trap the heat and it will not disperse.

Vandalism Issue.
When you leave outdoor electronic advertising unattended in remote environments, there is an enormous chance they will get harmed if there is no fortification.

An outdoor digital signage enclosure offers special solutions against vandalism, ordinary units that are designed to be mounted from ceilings or high up on walls, keeping everything out of arms way, eliminating vandals from spray painting the display.

Then there is the locks, look out for outside dynamic signage enclosures that are supplied with high anti vandal door locks as most producers fit normal locks that are easily accessed by a chisel.

Let us ponder the viewing window, now when deploying digital out-of-doors signage solutions in high risk areas you need to also improve the viewing window thickness, look for a company that provides these in various thicknesses up to and including ¾" (19 mm).

About the Author:

Over the past 20 years the author has developed a range of outdoor digital signage protective enclosures and founded LCD Enclosure Global who are the leading manufacturer of LCD monitor enclosures, they also offer anti vandal LCD enclosures that provides all the protection and security needed for outdoor use.

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