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Apple Ipad: Amazon Kindle Models Are Being Broken Up?

by vivi

posted in Business : Negotiation

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While Apple iPad released some time has passed, but the industry enthusiasm and concern for the iPad does not seem to lighten as time goes on. In fact, the introduction of a product, in order to change an industry. For example, people often see what the recent changes in the publishing industry or the traditional media, is required considerable time, Moreover, the middle is full of many variables, so I have no intention to pay attention to these rather meaningless question mean comments. Before and after release from the iPad, I believe that it is the most realistic effect is to a have already forgotten the product form?? Tablet PC with the possible resurgence of the other one is also the industry's hottest market for e-books, in particular, is still e-book reader hardware itself, the impact of market-based industry.

    E-book that can be said that Amazon's Kindle should be representative of this area. So it's every move from the largely reflects the current and future trend of e-book market. Before analysis of the Amazon Kindle e-book I have (including hardware and software) was able to be successful, mainly engaged in traditional book before its online sales have accumulated a large number of publishing and library resources, just as the development of Internet applications, e-book form for further opened up a way of making money, of course, the corresponding e-book reader Kindle also emerged, and two complementary factors, combined with Amazon through a reading before the software, let Kindle pattern formation a relatively closed electronic industrial chain. This relatively closed most typical manifestation is the user purchased in the Amazon Kindle e-book can only be read, and can not pass each other to see. In addition, because the Amazon kindle e-book market in the preconceptions and the advantages of traditional book sales, let the publisher the right to bargain with the absolute. However, all this with the launch of Apple iPad is changing.

    In the iPad was released, Amazon changed its cooperation with publishers until quite tough, for example, from the Amazon site had some problems because of divided differences and pricing the books removed and recovered the price of some publishers of electronic books to be adjustment. If they reflect the early release for iPad shows glimpses of the Amazon has been a threat to Apple, then enter the market as the iPad, and publishers continue to receive support, Amazon has begun to realize that the immediate threat may be to its practical effect.

    Later, Amazon launched the Kindle application specific iPad to counter Apple's online bookstore iBooks. Recently, Amazon has successively opened and updated their Kindle platform.

    First declared as "PC version of Kindle" introduced more new features. PC version of the Amazon Kindle is developed for personal computer users a free application, users can edit bookmarks and tags, experience full-screen mode, change the background color or adjust the brightness. Through the PC version of Kindle, Kindle readers online bookstore in the 540,000 kinds of books free to choose, read, including the most popular books, such as the New York Times best-seller list and book list books standings, only 9.99 U.S. dollars each. PC version of Amazon's Kindle also supports Whispersync technology, users can save bookmarks, notes, etc., and can be installed with other Kindle process equipment, such as Kindle, KindleDX, iPhone, iPod, iPodtouch, iPad, personal computers, Mac computers , Blackberry cell phone synchronization.

    In addition, Amazon also plans to launch this summer version of Kindle e-reading software Android, want more e-book users. The new free software enables users KindleforAndroid online shop to buy from the Amazon Kindle e-books, and mobile phones running Android system, read on.

    In this regard, the competent Jay Amazon Kindle? Marin (JayMarine) said, we have been strengthening our Kindle application experience, and are pleased to add new features PC version, PC version of Kindle Kindle store allows users to purchase more than 540,000 e-books, even if they do not Kindle e-reader, too, but also to millions of users Kindle and KindleDX the perfect companion application.

  Through a series of recent initiatives and Amazon executives have said that, people will see the most immediate change in the Amazon what? That is the Amazon Kindle e-book resources are non-exclusive hardware platform, It can read in the PC platform, also supports competing hardware (Apple products and Google's Android) platform to read, do not forget Kindle platform to some extent are direct or indirect rivals. For example, Apple's iPad, Google and Sony cooperate SonyReader so.

    Speaking of Google and Sony cooperate SonyReader, it should be the e-book market, Amazon's biggest rival, from the e-book reader sales of view, the Amazon Kindle is ranked in second place after. Despite the resources, Google is providing nearly 500,000 Sony's library resources, but why Kindle, however Sony SonyReader dry it? In addition to the diversification of resources as the Amazon, the author thinks is more important is the Amazon Kindle before the hard and soft tactics relatively closed one forms a nearly vertical in the e-book market, the industrial development model, compared to, Google and the cooperation of Sony, is still a horizontal mode. First transverse mode does not help control the industrial chain, more importantly, in the horizontal, Google and Sony are not the absolute level of their respective advantages. Now, under the pressure of the Apple iPad, the Amazon initiative that, Kindle's vertical model is being destroyed one by one. The separation of software and hardware start. This separation means that the Amazon Kindle the soft resources have not only the exclusive hardware platform, which is bound to undermine the sales of Kindle hardware, and hardware platform sales weaken, to some extent diverted from some Kindle users Amazon e-books for purchase.

    Maybe someone here will say, Amazon to open (to support multiple hardware platforms) strategy should help sales of the Amazon e-book is. In theory, but this is not the mode of the so-called Kindle. On the contrary, to be Apple's iPad With this Kindle model means that only the hardware from the Kindle e-book reader replaced iPad tablet. This is the Apple iPad most like to see the results, will break the opponent's vertical model, the vertical mode using their new e-book to grab market share. However, Amazon still has a powerful and flexible resources to depend on profitability, but for other e-book makers, Kindle model is broken should make them models for the future development of e-books and have a re-direction of rational thinking .

About the Author:

I am a professional writer from China Manufacturers, which contains a great deal of information about garden leisure spa , bathtube, welcome to visit!

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