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Management Of Blood To Avoid Offensive Words Wormwood

by tianli

posted in Business : Negotiation

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Artemisia vulgaris, also known as wormwood, Hong Ai. It is the Chinese one of the earliest known medicinal plants, the Warring States Period "Mencius", a book will have "three of seven patients seeking Ai" records. Ai plants can emit an entire body fragrant, lit increasingly strong, with a strong penetrating power. Moxibustion TCM is the use of AI in this feature, the wormwood trace of fine wool, twist into the Ai-chu, put points on the affected area or burning, by fire to make the drug in-depth disease are to achieve the warmth qi and blood, through up the role of the meridian. Moxibustion has experienced many years, now is still widely used in clinical medicine, play an important role.

Chinese folk there, "Fitch provision of Qunxie", "The Fearless Fitch ride" view. Because of the aroma from the leaves Ai contained within the rich aromatic oil, these ingredients have disinfection, sterilization. Southern and Northern Dynasties "starter age", said, "May 5 Cai Ai thought, hangs in the family, it can be limitless gas." This is probably the world's first on air disinfection of drug records. Ai compared to blast evil will fear the beast, the fifth day of the Dragon Boat Festival Day in May each year, or hanging indoors, or ignite fumes, or wear their leaves cut into the tiger-shaped body, to pray for the whole family healthy safely. Today, these practices can still be seen in the vast rural areas.

Leaves can be used as medicine, there is blood to stop bleeding, warm the meridians, relieving by wet, such as the role of qi to relieve pain, especially in good governance menstrual known for Gynecology Should be treated. Fresh leaves placid nature, combined with Biota orientalis, fresh yellow and other cooling blood to stop bleeding of the product, can treat all kinds of blood caused by thermal regime's reckless bleeding, such as vomiting blood or nose, teeth and bleeding. The dried leaves used as medicine said that the leaves of Health can and cold, dampness, pain, can be used by the cold, no adjustments, cold uterus and infertility Dysmenorrhea Treatment, more and Cyperus rotundus, Evodia equated with. Period or in patients prior to waist Leng Tong, sheng, 10 grams of the leaves, add brown sugar to take suitable Jiantang can ease the pain. Fried leaves carbon, it can warm the bleeding, for Deficiency Metrorrhagia caused by blood of women, pregnancy Tailou, menstruation wait card, can be combined with Ejiao , Angelica, to yellow, to tune up blood, fixed by just collapse.

Leaves also external. Acceptance leaves a lot of Jianshui climate temperature, can be used to fumigation skin eczema skin lesions to reduce itching and eliminate the role. Hiccup is an unpleasant symptom, more than is called intractable hiccups hiccup, with the leaves ignited fumes, have a good effect on the symptoms. The specific method is to allow the patient supine on the bed, the leaves will be dry with tissue paper wrapped grated, lit, placed inside a small ceramic plate put in bed, the patient usually 3 to 5 minutes later smell hiccup basis.

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