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Can Not Use The Sphinx May Have To Charge Royalties

by witch

posted in Business : Negotiation

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Heritage sector in Egypt put forward a new motion to globally for the pyramids, the Sphinx and other monuments in Egypt received royalties. This proposal is likely the next session of the People's Assembly approved a Law , Then from Las Vegas to Tokyo, all the copy in Egypt theme parks and monuments Hotels Probably had to pay money.


Money for the protection of

Agence France-Presse quoted the 25th highest of Antiquities of Egypt Management Commission Secretary-General Zhaxi? Hawass as saying that this tax is necessary, its purpose is to subsidize the building to thousands of World Heritage sites in Egypt to spend huge funds.

"Supreme Council of Antiquities that ancient historical sites in Egypt of 100% of the copy is a complete imitation," Hawass said, "If the new law is passed, will be implemented throughout the world, we can use such a law to protect their rights. "

Hawass said that a ministerial committee had agreed to the draft law, and the period at the next meeting of the People's Assembly for approval.

"The only person these historical monuments in Egypt, to collect royalties for the historical sites, historical sites this is good, better reconstruction, preservation and protection of them," Hawass said the new law will not hurt Egypt the interests of domestic artisans.

The United States "pyramid" Hotel

Well-known in the United States Travel City Las Vegas Luxor Hotel Egyptian city of Luxor, naming not only the entire hotel building on the Egyptian pyramids built into the shape of the door also erected a giant Sphinx building. Asked whether

Luxor hotel will be the impact of the new law, Hawass did not give a clear answer. He said the unique design of the hotel, "Although the pyramid as the prototype, but not a complete imitation of the Pharaonic monuments."

Luxor Hotel Admiral Hotel on its Web site describes as "the only pyramid shaped building," but Hawass believes that the hotel's interior and the interior of the pyramid is completely different.

Egypt "Wa Fude" magazine published an article 23 to require Luxor hotel rooms and gambling revenue to pay part of the city of Luxor in Egypt.

"There are 35 million people each year to Las Vegas tourists, is to visit a reproduction of Luxor, Luxor Egypt, but are really only six million people welcome visitors." The article said.

Nan Jin also hard to stop

Luxor City Leader Samir? Fee Reig said that the pyramid's imitation difficult to suppress. Ancient Egyptian city of Luxor in

700 km south of Cairo, the Nile River, Egypt's ancient cultural heritage is concentrated. Karnak, Luxor Temple and the Valley of the Kings are the world famous tourist destination.

"Monuments of Luxor City is the largest city in the world, we can not ban the use of Luxor, the name, or not allow them to imitate the historic city of Luxor," charges Reig said, "visitors to to Las Vegas will not affect the business of our city. "This, Hawass said, as long as not a full copy of the historical sites copy, Arts Home the theme of their historical heritage to create paintings or other works of art will not be affected by the new law.

"Artists have the right to look for inspiration in all things, including historical sites." Hawass said. I want to comment

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