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3g Terminal Customization Compete For The "thousand Phone"

by erenber

posted in Business : Networking

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"Thousand dollars less Mobile "Has become a recent China Mobile, China Telecom, the two high-level operators frequently mentioned words. Obviously, the test found the water line of the pull effect for the development of 3G users have little of the case, operators have realized that mobile phones terminal is always the best partner to promote 3G development. Thus, a new customized mobile terminal battle in full swing, thousands below their 3G phones into a common pursuit of new goals.

In telecommunications has been the first to launch a thousand plans

8 24, held in Nanjing, China Telecom, a "dynamic" Tianyi phone ordering, 3.6 million of orders attracted nearly a hundred large handset manufacturers to participate in bidding. Results, including

Samsung , LG , Cool, Hisense And ZTE, TCL Huawei and other companies, including more than 30 terminal shall successfully bid for 63. Of particular concern is that China Telecom has also specially commissioned China Post

Communicate And Shenzhen Telling other four top countries and the successful contractor purchase agreement signed by the terminal manufacturer, with a view to wider society through the coverage of 3G mobile phone channels to accelerate the popularity of Tianyi.

Sino report data show this year, 1 to 5 months, China Telecom's 3G mobile phone sales ranks first in the carrier, close to 10 million units, accounting for all the 3G mobile phone sales by 55%. But in practical terms, the market in sales

EVD O mobile phone models are still too few, only a dozen models, and generally higher prices, although access to some of those high-end business support, but can not form a scale, especially for 3G applications, the mainstream target audience??? Young people groups, the lack of attractive prices. In this regard, general manager of China Telecom Tianyi Ma Daojie bluntly: "We have to carry out 3.6 million of the 3G handsets thousand tender is to users as soon as possible the scale of the development of the 3G customers to obtain the leading edge."

DoCoMo Inc., Japan statistics show Japan 3G users to be younger than a lot of 2.5G, 3G users 50% of the age of 30. However, younger users are less price affordability, "thousand dollars less to stimulate their replacement needs." TCL Communications CEO Yang Xingping also said that only in price and features to satisfy both sides of this part of the user's needs, the development of 3G telecommunications Tianyi acceleration can be achieved.

TD mobile phones in thousands listing next year Contrast, TD industrial chain of actions should also slow some. From the trial on May 17 last year, business has, TD total number of mobile terminals has been more than 60 models though, but the market has the lowest retail price of more than 1400 yuan. To reverse this disadvantage, China Mobile has 600 million yuan this year, out of TD terminals R & D Incentive Fund, the direction of its two main incentive, which is set in the high-end boutique, the other is hoping to attract young users thousand launch Following the TD mobile phone.

Last week's Beijing Communications Exhibition, China Mobile partners Yulong Cool deep breath released 3 new TD mobile phones, which also set a price to 1,500 yuan, hoping to go to meet the cost-effective route China Mobile needs. However, this R & D speed is still not satisfactory to China Mobile, China Mobile chairman Wang Jianzhou last month visit to Taiwan, made it clear that it wanted to cooperate with Taiwanese manufacturers, as soon as possible following TD thousand phone. In such a strong "confession", the various forces have further accelerated the pace of development of TD mobile phones. Cool regard to disclosure, will be launched before the end of the year 5 TD mobile phones, which have thousands of products included in the following plan.

Upstream companies in the chip maker Marvell has announced the first single-chip TD-SCDMA solution PXA

920 The chip can support China Mobile's OMS smart phone operating system, but the cost is even lower than the non-smart phones. In this regard, China Mobile Research Institute Bill Huang's rating: "This program will help us to achieve 1000 yuan of TDOPhone mobile dream."

However, according to report, although many companies have accelerated the pace of R & D, but all complementary aspects need further coordination, thousand following large-scale TD mobile phone market next year, at least wait until the first quarter of 1000 yuan the following TDOPhone may also need a longer period of time.

About the Author:

I am China Computer Parts writer, reports some information about basement wall panels , bathroom wall paneling.

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