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Should You Trust an OCD Screening Test?

by linkroll

posted in Health and Fitness : OCD

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If you think you have OCD, you know how much the symptoms can disrupt your life. You’ve also probably looked up your symptoms on the internet and, while you don’t have all the ones listed, you saw enough of your symptoms listed to begin to worry. Do you wash your hands frequently? Do you have to check to see if the stove or oven is turned off? Have you ever cut a trip to work short to go back home to see if you turned the iron off? Do you have constant pervasive thoughts or images rushing through your head? If you said yes to any of the above, you may just have OCD. The only way to know for sure is to take an OCD screening test. However, not all OCD screening tests are reliable. We’ll discuss a few of the tests you may come across and whether or not you should take their advice.

Online Tests

The internet is full of information, no matter what subject matter we’re talking about, and you can bet there’s plenty of information online regarding OCD. In fact, there are even OCD tests online. That’s right. You can log on, do an internet search for OCD screening test and, voila, there’s a test you can take. You can take this test and at the end it will tell you whether or not you actually have OCD. Should you trust online tests? Probably not. You really can’t be sure who the author is and you have no idea if any of the information is accurate.


On the other hand, if you were to make an appointment with a therapist, psychologist or a psychiatrist, and they were to give you an OCD screening test, you can bet that the information’s accurate. These professionals know what constitutes OCD and how to treat it. So it would be much better to trust one of these guys than to trust anything you found online.


Would books on OCD be the same as something you found online? Not necessarily. With a book, you know who wrote it and you can pretty much determine if the information is accurate depending on who endorses the book and its information. Still, you might want to follow up your results with a professional as he or she will be able to accurately diagnose you with OCD or any other disorder; if you have one. But books with OCD screening tests may be trusted depending on who wrote it.

These are just a few of the places you may find OCD screening tests. However, one thing should be said about taking tests from various sources. You should always get a second opinion no matter where the test came from. Even if you are told you have OCD by a professional after taking an OCD screening test. Get a second opinion from another professional. You owe it to yourself to get an accurate diagnosis and even professionals can make mistakes sometimes.

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