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Successful Services To Create Value From Focus

by erenber

posted in Business : Sales

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?? Day visit to Yang LU Feng, general manager of Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Yuyao, this name is not new to us all. She is located in the beautiful and rich Yangtze River Delta, South Wing, is located in the economically developed industrial and commercial center of Ningbo and Shaoxing Plain. Since reform and opening, Yuyao rising economic openness in bold relief, a good investment environment to attract more and more overseas businesses to invest and build factories. It is worth mentioning that there developed a variety of economic sectors, industrial and commercial prosperity, there is China's largest plastic and mold market, known as "the hometown of plastic," "Die kingdom." But today we are not concerned with such traditional items, but a science and technology enterprises, only a short period of one year in Yuyao of a "network dark horse"?? Yang Network Technology Development Co., Ltd. day.

Present, Yuyao City, no less than 100 Internet companies. So many Internet companies concentrated in one area in which we can imagine the fierce competition. Then a newly established company only a year, why stand out from the 100 enterprises, attracted our attention? Recently, the reporter had the honor to interview the Yang-day general manager of Network Technology Development Co., Ltd. Mr. Lu Feng. We learned from the establishment of Yang-days a year in the network's "bittersweet."

Days of Network Technology Development Co., Ltd. Yang, general manager of LU Feng

August 10, 2005, four minthi Road, Yuyao City, a company called Young-day addition of network companies. Every day for the city to establish a new company, it's set up is not new. Yuyao it compared with other Internet companies seem to be nothing special. However, a careful person would find with other Internet companies only a single item in different networks both days of this undertaking Jan hardware, software engineering, control engineering, but also in professional web site promotion and production. It is also because the concept of diversification, so Young-day win broader customer base.

Customer-focused, technology-backed, step by step "Customer-focused, technology-backed, step by step" is the Yang-day has been implementing the concept of service. In the interview process, the Army Headquarters, has been emphasized that "quality of service" on the importance of a company.

"In the Yang-day, hard service every customer is a requirement of every employee." Established from the first day, Yang days adhering to a "customer first, service first" principle of service, providing customers with the best technology, best service. In the concrete work, first of all, the staff set a good sense of service, customer relations when dealing with warm, active, open-minded, careful, thoughtful, polite. Young day to every customer, will have a detailed information of their own. With this information, staff can be more convenient and fast to find customer information, collect and convey customer feedback. To better meet customer needs.

Second, the Yang-day technical services staff also strive to improve the efficiency of the response to the first time, dealing with customer requirements. This also set up customer complaints hotline counseling, professional reception and recording of each customer's feedback, serious answers to every problem our customers.

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