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Basic Mathematics

by Daniel Swinski

posted in Reference and Education : Science

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it may seem odd or paradoxical, but basic math skills are actually the hardest skills to master. Many people have a lot of trouble with basic mathematics. Even Albert Einstein, one of the most brilliant physicists and mathematicians of all time, couldn't memorize his times tables.

The problem is that people who can't understand basic math skills often develop a lifelong phobia of math. They end up thinking that they are stupid and incapable of understanding anything, and this false belief makes it hard for them to achieve progress in many of their studies. They get scared of anything having to do with math, be it taxes, budgeting, paying bills, or what have you.

Never fear! There is help for mathematics basics. One of the first steps to getting your basic mathematics under control is recognizing that you have a problem. There are few people who are incapable of mastering basic mathematical thinking, so don't use the excuse that you simply can't do it. Anyone can! The key is to commit yourself to a program of serious study.

One of the best methods to improve basic mathematics is to get a tutor. You will immediately know whether or not you get along with your tutor. If you don't, find another one. A bad math teacher or math tutor can make it very difficult for you to learn, but a good one will make something that previously seemed impossible suddenly become easy. Make sure that you discuss what you want to learn with your tutor and come up with a clear plan together of how to go about doing it.

Having a good basic mathematics textbook is also extremely important in mastering your math skills. There are plenty of different mathematics texts out there, but not all of them are up to snuff. Get a recommendation from someone you respect who knows the field. If you have a chance, look through the text on your own and see if it makes sense to you. I don't recommend teaching yourself math if you are already having trouble with it, but at the very least you should be able to look in the book and not be completely lost in the dark.

Once you get to basic algebra, things will get easier. The important thing is to understand that basic math facts are the hardest part. Mastering them is the key to success in mathematical reasoning.

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