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How to Spot Inspired Action

by Ru Gangadharan

posted in Self Improvement

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Happy pictures, busy lives and check in's. That's the life we know. Constant doing and then out doing. Rush this, rush that!
There is perception that things need to be done quickly to be considered efficient. And we need to constantly be doing the next big thing to be considered successful.
Where are we heading? Why the rush to get there? And is there ever a final destination?
Me? I like the attraction of slow. The joy of now. The hopefulness of dreaming of opportunities. It's the reason why I love doing work with folks.
I speak about 'Inspired Action' a lot, in fact, its the tagline for the coaching services.
Like many of you, I have tried the 'rush to do things' and 'complete as much as possible, now'. It always leaves me drained of energy, dissatisfied and unfulfilled. I mean, what was the point? There were days when I hadn't stopped all day but had nothing to show for.
And it's always because I was 'doing' something outside of my inspiration. I didn't understand the need for the action or felt connected to it. I know a lot of you have had this experience too.
So how DO you know 'Inspired Action'?
Here's a small list that might help you identify Inspired Action:
  • It will leave you feeling energized and feeling fulfilled
  • It will generate ideas for you to work on AND that thought will make you happy
  • You'll knock out the work in one easy flow
  • Time spent will be a breeze and won't feel difficult
  • The work will connect with your purpose, values and beliefs
  • You will have fun and create that joy for others around you
  • You find that you have positively impacted people around you

We can try and list more but when you experience inspired action; you'll just know!
There is no turning back. You'll then look to find it, in everything you do. There is nothing to beat the experience of being aligned and in the zone.
Inspired action is the key to achieving success, the easy, fun way. Share your story with someone today. More than that, partner with someone and figure out an inspired action you'd like to take.
Have you worked with Inspired Action? When was the last time you felt connected to what you were doing? How often do you work in the zone of Inspired Action?
About the Author: Visit our website:
Coaching using Law of Attraction: Twitter @LetCoachRuby
I know each of us have something unique to offer and that each of us have our calling. My calling is working with people to uplift them from where they are, to their higher self.
I love partnering with people to work in the areas of Self Love, Self Esteem, Finding and Understanding Spirituality.
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