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Caring Holiday Gifts for Someone Who Has It All!

by Allura Janet Adelson

posted in Self Improvement

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Gift-giving time will soon be upon us. Not already?!? Yes, Virginia, it's just a hop, skip, and a matter of a few WEEKS ahead, and if you want to avoid the crush of crunch time, you need to lay your plans now. The inevitable questions arise... what do you give someone who already has more than enough, who needs nothing, or is soooo hard to please?
There's always the latest gadget, but after a while, even the newest bells and whistles fail to dazzle. I've come up with a few things that you, or others, might not have thought of. (Don't you just hate it when, after months of planning something special, someone else give your Someone the very same thing?) None of these things is fattening or harmful to your health, either!
1.) You could buy Someone a gift that will help another survive. Thistle Farms, founded by Becca Stevens in 2001, is a cottage industry that goes to help women survivors of human trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. They produce and sell their own line of Bath & Body products, as well as goods from other Shared Trade partners from around the world. They now make enough from their own efforts to be self-sufficient, but can always use additional support. You could purchase one of the Bath & Body products, or other goods for your Someone, and let them know just where it came from and how you are both helping women who, from the time they were children, had no voice, and no way to find their freedom. Search for Thistle Farms online to get the full story and browse their complete product line
2.) You could give a gift in your Someone's name, and maybe get her thinking about other people who don't have nearly as much as she does. You can help Someone do something life-changing for someone else - all in your persnickety (or maybe just well taken care of) Someone's name. An organization called Heifer International makes that easy. In many parts of the world, owning a cow, or a goat, or even a chicken can make a huge difference in your life, selling eggs, or milk. Heifer International channels donations to individuals who need them the most, and when you donate in your Someone's name, you can give your Someone the priceless gift of helping someone in need. They have different rates for different animals, so you could buy a water buffalo or a hive of bees in your Someone's name. How cool is that? Type Heifer International into Google Search, and find out more.
3.) We can all use a little more support, right? And, unless you're an atheist, you'll love this next choice. Power Prayers That Work. Several teachers/healers got together and formed a "Team" with the Divine - Angels and other Divine Beings of Love and Light, as they say. These Teacher/Healers, who usually charged several hundred dollars for one of their sessions, wanted to help lots more people, and they figured out how to create prayers (how? Divine Guidance, how else?) that would keep going with all their Team's power behind them all day, every day to give people the benefit of their gifts in a very affordable way. Does it work? There are some good comments on from happy camper customers, so, if you lean toward the spiritual side of things, or your Someone does, it's worth a try. Find your options at
There's more to life than the latest craze or technological wonder. If your hard-to-please, has-everything Someone wanted something new, they'd just buy it, wouldn't they? But, what if there's something that they never knew they wanted, that would make them happy? To help them, tangibly and intangibly. There's no price tag on that feel good factor! You'd have a winner of a gift, and be a winner as a gift-giver!
About the Author: After practicing and teaching meditation and other evolutionary practices for 40 years, Allura created a unique line of Divine Blessing Drops infused with Divine Energy and Intelligence, that have helped people around the world heal, grow, and experience profound joy. She has lectured, created workshops, and taught in six states, so far, and loves to bring her spiritual take to everyday areas of our lives.
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