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Chint Electric Wenzhou Enterprises Listed Detonation Wave

by erenber

posted in Business : Small Business

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New Year, Chint Electric A shares listed in the final sprint stage, the successful promotion and implementation of road shows held an online subscription, set the issue price - National Investor Focus Chint Electric when the Wenzhou people are also concerned that a few local unlisted industries and enterprises in the same family.

To "low-voltage electrical appliances capital" of Wenzhou Yueqing City, I heard many in Chint, West Germany and the people of appliances and other local key enterprises as the main character of the rumors, is Fangjian passed around.

CHINT listed for the local low-voltage electrical industry is showing more and more powerful based on the anxious competitors. This is because the Chint Electric Wenzhou "Big Brother" type business listing, observers produced a new question: in the past always has millions of reasons to convince that they are not listed Wenzhou enterprises, there are several not tempted next?

Private capital: Wenzhou enterprises "breeding ground"

"Wenzhou enterprises from the market recently, but the farthest away from the capital market", as the process of Wenzhou enterprises listed on a long-term observers, Zhejiang Province Securities Regulatory Bureau Deputy Director Wang Jixiang research to judge the case. There are many data supporting his view, such as state regulations, Wenzhou has 46 categories of industrial enterprises in 33 sectors, the total number of more than 80,000 enterprises, the city's top ten electrical manufacturing industry output value of all surpassed 10 billion yuan, compared with non-governmental "speculation group", "fried mine group" investment in the country and even around the world haunted hot spots. Correspondingly, as of the end of 2009, in the domestic board, small board and the GEM three markets, only five listed companies in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, below the average for listed companies around the city.

Wenzhou Financial Office Director Zhang Zhenyu told the author that a conservative estimate of 2009, private capital flows, Wenzhou City, more than 300 billion yuan, with more than 2,500 billion if the savings deposits, the number of private capital more than 550 billion yuan and an annual rate of about 14% increment. "Most of the money to be used for private loans and other forms of investment in production and circulation, alleviate hunger funds for SMEs." Said Zhang Zhenyu, this "not bad money," the state is not listed in the past the largest enterprises in Wenzhou reason, followed by the listing norms for companies.

The past 10 years, the China Securities Regulatory Commission Securities Regulatory Bureau, Zhejiang Wenzhou Secretary Wang Baotong no research here several times to "market depression" phenomenon, he has lost count of how many times the size of the meeting, Chairman and Managing Director of Wenzhou enterprises to conduct policy propaganda, "mainly to discourage their listing concerns," said Wang Baotong. Including paid about business issues, land issues, property rights, etc., these are the biggest concerns of Wenzhou enterprises listed. "I told companies say, you went on the market is equivalent to solve a number of historical issues, to lay down the burden of traveling light. If we do not now, when?!"

Garments Group Chairman Wu Zhize memories, at another level, the Commission confirmed the listing for the temperature and the efforts of enterprises. In 2004, the China Securities Regulatory Commission sent a vice chairman of the research team led a meeting with Wu Zhize in Wenzhou, "I said, Wenzhou, a hotbed of private capital as enterprises, public doing?" At this, Wu Zhize smiled.

2007 8 months, good news, as birds landing of private enterprises in Wenzhou second small plate, Wu Zhize said, "After a lot of things, and now I feel that this company and making a hundred years old, listed or inferior to a better city. "

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